Wednesday, September 3, 2014

NO FUCKING FUTURE (80s hardcore punk playlist)

  1. Dead Kennedys- Kill The Poor
  2. Bad Brains- Right Brigade
  3. Black Flag- Thirsty and Miserable
  4. Angry Samoans- Right Side of My Mind
  5. Suicidal Tendencies- Won’t Fall In Love Today
  6. Circle Jerks- When The Shit Hits The Fan
  7. The Adolescents- LA Girl
  8. The Germs- Media Blitz
  9. Zero Boys- Livin’ In the 80’s
  10. The Vandals- Wanna Be Manor
  11. D.Y.S.- Brotherhood
  12. Negative Approach- Can’t Tell No One
  13. The Fartz- Idiots Rule
  14. The Meatmen- One Down, Three To Go
  15. Nig Heist- Love In Your Mouth
  16. Fang- Landshark
  17. The Dicks- Lifetime Problems
  18. Naked Raygun- Rat Patrol
  19. The Misfits- Death Comes Ripping
  20. TSOL- Die For Me
  21. Necros- Race Riot
  22. D.I.- Richard Hung Himself
  23. Millions Of Dead Cops- Born To Die
  24. Kraut- Matinee
  25. Deep Wound- I Saw It
  26. The Freeze- Trouble If You Hide
  27. Really Red- Too Political
  28. Toxic Reasons- War Hero
  29. Die Kreuzen- Fuckups
  30. Void- Time To Die
  31. The Faith- Don’t Tell Me
  32. Middle Class- Love Is Just A Tool
  33. Reagan Youth- New Aryans
  34. Government Issue- Rock and Roll Bullshit
  35. The Teen Idles- No Fun