Thursday, July 2, 2009

CAPTAIN BEYOND. Get ready to get fingered in the brain.

Ok imagine a buncha dudes from Deep Purple, Iron Butterfly, and Johnny Winter spending the summer of '71 in Macon, GA drinking more liquid acid than they did beer all while writing and recording one of the craziest and best space rock records of all time. Oh yeah and they had a contest to see who could write the nastiest face fucking riff.

Well, that my friends is how Captain Beyond started. This record fucking slays. It gets WAYYYYYYY out there and yet they wrangle it in enough to try and have at least some commercial success. Rumor has it these dudes were even too drugged up for the Allman Brothers. WOOT!

(file is a .RAR - easy to find and free programs on the infranet to convert these to MP3)

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  1. nice. i got Ryan into this and told him this is what the next Agenda record needs to sound like.