Wednesday, August 26, 2009

BLEACH is almost old enough to drink.

BLEACH is turning 20 years old?!?! jesus christ, i am fucking older than i think. as i’ve gotten up in my years it’s the one Nirvana album that i still listen to as much as i did when i was 15. SUB POP is rereleasing a special 20th anniversary edition with a bonus disc of some live show…but more importantly they are putting it out on white vinyl.

Bleach: Deluxe Edition
1. Blew
2. Floyd the Barber
3. About a Girl
4. School
5. Love Buzz
6. Paper Cuts
7. Negative Creep
8. Scoff
9. Swap Meet
10. Mr. Moustache
11. Sifting
12. Big Cheese
13. Downer

Live at Pine Street Theatre
1. Intro
2. School
3. Floyd the Barber
4. Dive
5. Love Buzz
6. Spank Thru
7. Molly’s Lips
8. Sappy
9. Scoff
10. About a Girl
11. Been a Son
12. Blew

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