Thursday, August 19, 2010

Goodbye Summer

1.the crystals- he’s a rebel
2.alex chilton- with a girl like you
3.harlem- be your baby juice- love sick
5.bobby fuller four- she’s my girl
6.the ramones- i want you around
7.the beach boys- girl don’t tell me bloody valentine- kiss the eclipse
9.teenage film stars- i apologize
10.sonic youth- star power (acoustic)
11.the jesus and mary chain- happy when it rains (demo) tambourine- throw aggi off the bridge (demo)
13.the go betweens- don’t let him come back
14.the kinks- it’s too late
15.the clean- getting older
16.beach fossils- youth
17.del shannon- runaway
18.beat happening- cast a shadow
19.the ponys- i’m with you obscura- if looks could kill
21.the models- bend me, shape me
22.leonard cohen- lover, lover, lover
23.roy orbison- it’s over
24.suicide- cheree (remix)
25.zola jesus- i can’t stand
26.nick cave & the bad seeds- all tomorrow’s parties


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