Thursday, January 26, 2012

a soundtrack for bad intentions

Trouble On The Way
  1. The Index- Shockwave
  2. Simply Saucer- Dance The Mutation
  3. The Stooges- Loose (take 5)
  4. Roky Erickson- Don't Shake Me Lucifer
  5. Pere Ubu- Heart Of Darkness
  6. The U Men- Dig It A Hole
  7. Wipers- Better Off Dead
  8. Mudhoney- Suck You Dry
  9. Dwarves- Drug Store
  10. The Mummies- Jezebel
  11. The Damned- Jet Boy Jet Girl
  12. Crime- Rock N Roll Enemy #1
  13. The Gun Club- Texas Serenade
  14. Beasts Of Bourbon- Evil Ruby
  15. X (Australia)- Degenerate Boy
  16. Inca Babies- Cactus Mouth Informer
  17. Country Teasers- Anytime Cowboy
  18. Pussy Galore- Just Wanna Die
  19. Black Lips- Ghetto Cross
  20. The Delta 72- Rich Girls Like To Steal
  21. Thee Headcoats- When You Stop Loving Me
  22. The Cramps- Can't Find My Mind
  23. The Scientists- Go Baby Go
  24. The Birthday Party- Dead Joe (version 2)
  25. The Jesus and Mary Chain- Jesus Fuck
  26. Suicide- Rock N Roll Is Killing My Life
  27. Spacemen 3- Things'll Never Be The Same
  28. Hawkwind- Kings Of Speed
  29. Funkadelic- Hit It and Quit It
  30. Velvet Underground- Guess I'm Falling In Love (instrumental)
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