Monday, May 21, 2012

Album You Don't Own, But Should: Verbena's Into The Pink

Into The Pink is one of the great records of the the 90s that noone heard when it was released. Verbena were billed as the Southern Rock Nirvana which is a fair comparison (especially considering Dave Grohl produced this record). i always thought they sounded like what it would be if the Pixies tried to rewrite Sticky Fingers. all gnarled deep fried and dirty with guitars cranked way the fuck up and some nice boy/girl harmonies on top. Verbena were a band that i was fucking obsessed with and noone else i knew gave a fucking shit about them. it was the late 90s. all my friends were listening to Converge or the Promise Ring. nobody was interested in Alabama kids trying to keep the ghost of rock n roll alive. a couple of years later every fucking band around with a THE at the beginning of their name was playing garage rock but by then Verbena had morphed into something far more boring and then broke up now the singer does some solo thing called AA Bondy...which i've never bothered checking out. still they left behind two great albums: Into The Pink and Souls For Sale. and if you don't own em then you should get around to fixing that. 

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