Tuesday, August 14, 2012


LET'S RUMBLE (music for juvenile delinquents)
  1. The Crystals- He's A Rebel
  2. Eddie Cochran- Somethin' Else
  3. Charlie Feathers- Can't Hardly Stand It
  4. Bunker Hill- The Girl Can't Dance
  5. The Phantom- Love Me
  6. Bloodshot Bill- Crazy 'Bout The Girl
  7. Kip Tyler- Rumble Rock
  8. Bill Allen & The Back Beats- Please Give Me Something
  9. Jack Scott- Way I Walk
  10. Dwight Pullen- Sunglasses After Dark
  11. Black Lips- I've Got A Knife
  12. Ramones- Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue (demo)
  13. BBQ- Shake Real Low
  14. The Rats- Teenagers
  15. Pussy Galore- Get Out
  16. The Mummies- Skinny Minnie
  17. Reatards- Teenage Hate
  18. Hasil Adkins- Shake With Me
  19. Jerry Warren- Rompin'
  20. Roy Orbison- Go! Go! Go!
  21. Johnny Cash- Born To Lose
  22. Link Wray- Ain't That Lovin' You Baby
  23. The Gories- Give Me Love
  24. The Sonics- Dirty Old Man
  25. The Chiffons- I Have A Boyfriend
  26. Hank Mizell- Jungle Rock
  27. Don & Dewey- Justine
  28. Oblivians- Anyway You Want It
  29. Teengenerate- Shake, Rattle, & Roll
  30. Ronnie Allen- Juvenile Delinquent
  31. New York Dolls- Showdown
  32. The Shangri Las- Out In The Streets
  33. Del Shannon- Runaway
  34. The Cramps- Lonesome Town

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