Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Beware Them Blood Sucking Rock N' Roll Mutants! (vol. 99)

BEWARE Them Blood Sucking Rock N' Roll Mutants! (vol. 99)

  1. Slug Guts- Howlin'
  2. The Birthday Party- Swampland
  3. The Jesus and Mary Chain- Taste the Floor
  4. The Gun Club- Bad Indian
  5. The Cramps- Drug Train
  6. Country Teasers- Anytime Cowboy
  7. Inca Babies- Plenty More Mutants
  8. The Scientists- Set It On Fire
  9. X (Australia)- Goin' Crazy
  10. Vincas- Deadache
  11. The Revelators- Hillbilly Wolf
  12. The Honeymoon Killers- Trampled Under Foot
  13. Royal Trux- I'm Ready
  14. The Dwarves- I Wanna Kill Your Boyfriend
  15. Tav Falco & Panther Burns- I'm On This Rocket
  16. The Black Lips- Buried Alive
  17. The Mummies- Stronger Than Dirt
  18. Crime- Crime Wave
  19. The Pagans- Nowhere To Run
  20. Chrome Cranks- Dark Room
  21. The Jesus Lizard- Seasick
  22. The U Men- They
  23. Rapeman- Radar Love Lizard
  24. Pussy Galore- Kill Yourself
  25. Cheater Slicks- Destroy You
  26. Dead Moon- Black September
  27. Mudhoney- Sweet Young Thing Ain't Sweet No More
  28. Boss Hog- Fix Me
  29. The Drones- She Had An Abortion That She Made Me Pay For
  30. Kim Salmon & The Surrealists- Devil In Disguise
  31. Beasts Of Bourbon- Lonesome Bones
  32. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds- I'm Gonna Kill That Woman
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