Sunday, February 3, 2013

something i never believed i would say: My Bloody Valentine Put Out A New Record

having now listened to My Bloody Valentine's new album 3 times since downloading i am still not sure exactly how i feel about the record.
music sends people into fits of hyperbole like nothing else really...and so it should be no shocker that when one of the most influential bands of the last 30 years releases their first album in over 2 decades that people are going to take some extreme sides about the fucking thing. i've already seen people declaring it BETTER THAN LOVELESS and also BORING BULLSHIT. the first time i listened to the album myself, my first thought was "these songs all sound like outtakes or throwaways from when they were making Isn't Anything". the album actually made me feel kind of cold... a sort of a nothingness. like, yeah...these songs are fine...but nothing is dynamic and nothing is blowing me away. but the more i listened the more it grew. this is in no way a disaster of a follow up like that horrifying Stooges reunion album or GN'R's Chinese Democracy. no, this is a good album. something that you would be happy to call part of their discography.  i mean, the best thing i can say about m b v is that it sounds like a fucking My Bloody Valentine album that the band could have just as easily released in 1995. there are no weird curveballs or stylistic departures. shit still sounds like whales singing underwater with some reverb and feedback. my bloody valentine are still writing music for you to fuck to. they haven't lost their way. but at the same time, it's hard to listen and not think...why did this take so goddamned long to make?
mostly if i have a strong feeling it is that of disbelief. like i can't fucking believe that it is an actual thing that exists in the universe that we can hear and whenever those records get shipped out we will hold. we will hold it and we will think about things like babies that were born after Loveless came out are now old enough to buy beer. and we will hope to fucking hell that Kevin Shields will not take another 22 goddamned years to release another record. anyways, i am just glad this exists. welcome back guys. we missed you.

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  1. just a quick note-this is NOT new material.This is 22 years old written material,it just took Kevin Shields 22 years to master it.
    A new MBV written material will come after this one-hopefully within the next five years ;)