Thursday, June 6, 2013

Ride The Waves Over Me (Shoegaze, Psych, Noise, Dreampop playlist)

Ride The Waves Over Me 
  1. Ride- Drive Blind
  2. My Bloody Valentine- Slow
  3. Primal Scream- Imperial
  4. The House Of Love- Destroy The Heart
  5. The Mighty Lemon Drops- Like An Angel
  6. Pale Saints- Sight Of You
  7. The Brian Jonestown Massacre- Hide & Seek
  8. The Lilys- February Fourteenth 
  9. Henry's Dress- Hey Allison
  10. Shocking Pinks- Victims
  11. DIIV- How Long Have You Known?
  12. Antarctica- Absence 
  13. The Radio Dept.- Where Damage Isn't Already Done
  14. Black Tambourine- Drown
  15. Crystal Stilts- Through The Floor
  16. Magic Shoppe- Trip Inside This House
  17. The Telescopes- Precious Little
  18. The Asteroid #4- Let It Go
  19. Spacemen 3- Lord Can You Hear Me?
  20. Mazzy Star- She's My Baby
  21. The Warlocks- You're A Big Star Now
  22. Slowdive- Some Velvet Morning
  23. Spectrum- Please Stay (Don't Go)
  24. Yoko Ono & Spiritualized- Walking On Thin Ice
  25. Dead Skeletons- When The Sun Comes Up
  26. Loop- Got To Get Over It
  27. Swervedriver- Last Train To Satansville
  28. Skywave- Don't Say Slow
  29. The Manhattan Love Suicides- Don't Leave Me Dyin'
  30. The Jesus and Mary Chain- Don't Ever Change


  1. Thank you JR Suicide !

    In this style of music, I also like the US band DROP NINETEENS.

  2. you might be into this:‎