Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Baby, It's Just You (Love Songs For Fall 2013)

Baby, It’s Just You 
  1. West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band- I Won’t Hurt You
  2. David Bowie- Soul Love
  3. Nolan Strong & The Diablos- If I Oh I (Could Be With You)
  4. The King Khan & BBQ Show- I’ll Be Loving You
  5. Hasil Adkins- I Want Some Lovin’
  6. Dead Ghosts- I Want You To Know
  7. The Milkshakes- I Want You
  8. Holly Golightly- Your Love Is Mine
  9. The Rolling Stones- Mercy, Mercy
  10. The McCoys- Sorrow
  11. The Gun Club- I Hear Your Heart Singing
  12. The Growlers- Someday
  13. Billy Bragg- Love Gets Dangerous
  14. The Modern Lovers- Someone I Care About
  15. The Velvet Underground- Temptation Inside Your Heart
  16. Dead Moon- Can’t Help Falling In Love
  17. The Kinks- And I Will Love You
  18. The Cryin’ Shames- Please Stay (Don’t Go)
  19. The Brian Jonestown Massacre- If Love Is The Drug Then I Want To O.D.
  20. Ty Segall- Lovely One
  21. T. Rex- Precious Star
  22. The Beach Boys- All I Wanna Do
  23. Mazzy Star- She’s My Baby
  24. Crocodiles- She Splits Me Up
  25. Richard Hawley- Darlin’ Wait For Me
  26. Betty Hope- Just A Little Bit More
  27. Love- Always See Your Face
  28. Chris Bell- Speed of Sound
  29. The Walkmen- Save The Last Dance For Me
  30. Daniel Johnston- True Love Will Find You In The End

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  1. Hmmm... someone is in a oh-so-cool-yet-so-loving mood this fall...