Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I Heart Nick Cave

5 Nick Cave videos through the years.

Boys Next Door- Shivers
Nick's first band. "i've been contemplating suicide, but it really doesn't suit my style. So i think i'll just act bored instead, and contain the blood i would have shed." is one of my favorite openings to a song ever.

The Birthday Party- Junkyard
seriously was there ever a cooler fucking band than The Birthday Party? goth punk noise. a friend of mine once said to never trust a girl who says she liked the Birthday Party because she's either lying or she's a cutter.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds- The Mercy Seat
Johnny Cash does a really great version of this song. i think this was the first Nick Cave video i ever saw back when i was in highschool and it was a blast from the past video on 120 Minutes.

Nick Cave- Into My Arms
this is my favorite love song of all time.

Grinderman- No Pussy Blues
Nick Cave proves that he can still rock even if he's an old man. the Grinderman record was the album the Stooges should have made.

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