Saturday, May 23, 2009

i always thought Danzig shoulda been a singer songwriter

David Pajo has unleashed on the world an EP called Scream With Me of acoustic reworkings of a number of Misfits classics. here's a youtube video of "where eagles dare".

this release is so fucking obvious that i can't believe someone is just now doing it.

the full tracklist:
1 Angelfuck
2 Hybrid Moments
3 Where Eagles Dare
4 Bullet
5 Teenagers From Mars
6 Devil’s Whorehouse
7 I Turned Into A Martian
8 Horror Business
9 Attitude

thanks to DJ for dropping this knowledge on me.

if you go to Pajo's myspace page you can listen to his version of "Angelfuck" which sounds like something you might be able to put on a mix cd for your girlfriend if she didn't, ya know, pay attention to the lyrics.

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  1. Alan Sparhawk of Low relates tales of Low doing all Misfits sets...wonder whether Pajo was in attendance at one of these.