Monday, May 18, 2009

time traveling Friday night to a time when hardcore did not suck

Saw a band friday night @ the caledonia that made me feel like I was stuck in a jj abrams project as I became convinced that i'd time traveled back into the year 1997 when the word emo didn't mean hotpink and jetblack hair and the stupidest music you'd ever heard. No this band was authentic late 90s style screamo...heavy on the noise, super technical basslines, a guitar player with all the right discordant guitar lines, and a tiny girl who screamed better than I ever could as their frontman. This was pre-metabolized suckfest hardcore...this was some straight up Unbroken, Inkwell type shit that you'd have seen at Under The Couch opening for The Locust the 1st time they came through Atlanta...before the bug costumes and the scenester backlash. anyways, the band i saw are called Nationale and they re an Athens band as far as I could tell...which when I think about it is all the odder because nobody in Athens ever gave a shit about Screamo bands and for a truly great one to exist a decade after the fact makes me wonder where the hell these kids came from. Whatever the case I really enjoyed their set, even if it's the kind of music I don't like anymore and would never bother listening to at home, but sometimes on a random friday night in the summer its kinda awesome to travel back to a time when I wasn't so old and everything I listened to was a fuckload louder and angrier.

here's the link to their myspace page if you're feeling nostalgic for bands like Unbroken, Swing Kids, Orchid, The Red Scare, pg. 99, etc...

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  1. thanks for the kind words! yeah, we're from athens and we all still listen to hardcore... :)