Sunday, December 4, 2011

Give Em The Muzak

80s hardcore/punk playlist

Bad Brains- Big Takeover (demo)
The Adolescents- Creatures
The Zero Boys- New Generation
Angry Samoans- You Stupid Asshole
The Dils- You’re Not Blank (So Baby We’re Through)
The Weirdos- Destroy All Music
The Germs- Richie Dagger’s Crime
Redd Kross- I’m Alright
Fear- Gimme Some Action
La Peste- I Don’t Wanna Die In My Sleep Tonight
45 Grave- Black Cross
Mutants- New Dark Ages
Crime- Frustration
Black Flag- Depression (demo)
Circle Jerks- Live Fast Die Young
The Fartz- How Long?
The Dicks- Wheelchair Epidemic
Fang- Landshark
Void- Summer Sucks
Negative Trend- Mercenaries
Saccharine Trust- I Am Right
The Nihilistics- Kill Yourself
Reagan Youth- Go Nowhere
The Rotters- Sit On My Face Stevie Nix
The Descendents- Suburban Home
Minutemen- Sickles and Hammers
Husker Du- In A Free Land
The Wipers- Tragedy
The Crucifucks- You Give Me The Creeps
Naked Raygun- Tojo
Henry Rollins- Ghost Rider
Samhain- All Murder, All Guts, All Fun

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