Sunday, July 29, 2012

My Little Underground (80s UK indie pop playlist)

My Little Underground 
  1. The Jesus and Mary Chain- My Little Underground
  2. Primal Scream- Velocity Girl
  3. Shop Assistants- All Day Long
  4. The Pastels- Million Tears
  5. The Vaselines- Teenage Superstars
  6. Dolly Mixture- Dream Come True
  7. Orange Juice- Falling and Laughing
  8. Josef K- Heaven Sent
  9. The Fire Engines- Candyskin
  10. Girls At Our Best- Getting Nowhere Fast
  11. Television Personalities- This Angry Silence
  12. Marine Girls- A Place In The Sun
  13. Felt- Rain Of Crystal Spires
  14. The Weather Prophets- Almost Prayed
  15. The Sea Urchins- Pristine Christine
  16. BMX Bandits- Top Shop Girl
  17. The Jasmine Minks- What's Gone Wrong
  18. Meat Whiplash- Don't Slip Up
  19. The Primitives- Stop Killing Me
  20. My Bloody Valentine- Kiss The Eclipse
  21. The Jazz Butcher- She's On Drugs
  22. The Razorcuts- Sorry To Embarrass You
  23. The Blue Orchids- Low Profile
  24. The Hit Parade- You Didn't Love Me Then
  25. Close Lobsters- Just Too Bloody Stupid
  26. Aztec Camera- Oblivious
  27. The Housemartins- Happy Hour
  28. James- Hymn From A Village
  29. The Smiths- You've Got Everything Now
  30. The Wedding Present- I'm Not Always So Stupid
late 70s-80s UK indie, c86, noise pop playlist.

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