Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I wish this band calling themselves The Strokes would quit ruining the legacy of that other band The Strokes that i used to like.

it’s been a decade since the Strokes released their 2nd (and best) album Room On Fire. at that point in time the Strokes backlash was so fierce that almost no one wanted to admit that Room On Fire was a great record. mostly everyone just tore it apart for sounding exactly like the Is This It and for rehashing the same late 70s New York City sound…like that is supposed to a bad thing. in the 10 years since Room On Fire, The Strokes have been doing everything they could to expand their sound which has resulted in some truly boring music. if you were holding out any hope that The Strokes still had the ability to write perfect little slices of sunshine-y New Wave inspired guitar pop….well you are shit out of luck. with Comedown Machine we don’t get a return to form, it’s just more of the same all over the place clash of styles and lack of energy. so this now makes 2 great albums and 3 shitty ones. when your bad outweighs your good then it’s time to call it quits. 

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