Monday, March 11, 2013

Sleazy Junk and Cold War Punk

Sleazy Junk and Cold War Punk
  1. The Cramps- Can't Hardly Stand It
  2. The Pagans- What's This Shit Called Love?
  3. Crime- Hot Wire My Heart
  4. The Weirdos- A Life Of Crime
  5. X (Australia)- I Don't Wanna Go Out
  6. The Scientists- Pissed On Another Planet
  7. The Boys Next Door- Masturbation Generation
  8. The Child Molesters- I'm The Hillside Strangler
  9. Psycho Surgeons- Wild Weekend
  10. The Users- Sick Of You
  11. The Dickies- Paranoid
  12. The Controllers- Do The Uganda
  13. The Germs- Communist Eyes
  14. The Dils- I Hate The Rich
  15. The Wipers- Better Off Dead
  16. The Dicks- Dicks Hate The Police
  17. Big Boys- Fun Fun Fun
  18. Flipper- Love Canal
  19. Bobby Soxx- Learn To Hate The 80s
  20. The Chain Gang- Son of Sam
  21. X X- You're Full Of Shit
  22. The Rocks- You're So Boring
  23. Nervous Eaters- Just Head
  24. Teenage Head- Top Down
  25. The Zeros- Beat Your Heart Out
  26. Redd Kross- Annette's Got The Hits
  27. Protex- Don't Ring Me Up
  28. The Adverts- Bored Teenagers
  29. The Flys- Love and a Molotov Cocktail
  30. The Vibrators- We Vibrate
  31. Vomit Pigs- Slut
  32. The Urinals- Sex
  33. Half Japanese- Dream Date
  34. Electric Eels- Agitated
  35. Lester Bangs & The Delinquents- Life Is Not Worth Living and Suicide Is A Waste Of Time

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