Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bands I Love: The Monorchid

"like if The Fall & Motorhead got together and started a punk band" was the best way i ever heard to describe the sound of The Monorchid. formed from the ashes of legendary DC punk group Circus Lupus, the Monorchid were only active for a few years and released 2 records...97's Let Them Eat...The Monorchid & 98's Who Put Out The Fire? (my favorite of the 2), both on Touch & Go. after they disbanded some of the members formed Skull Kontrol, the band recently reunited for the Touch & Go 25th anniversary show. Monorchid had a big influence on the artpunk scene of San Diego that in turn influenced just about everyone in the early 2000s...some for the worse. here's a live version of the song "The Warmers" off their album Who Put Out The Fire?

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