Tuesday, April 21, 2009

noteworthy review (at least)

So I just came across this review in the latest Volcanic Tongue update. 
thought someone around here might dig the "sound"

Floridas Dying #25 
from tip of the tongue in update 19…  
"Buncha tracks of synth punk aggro from this one man drone/wave unit from Miami who cuts UK DIY snot with fuzz, drum machine and basement aesthetics to render a crude synth-punk take on Fall/Jesus & Mary Chain style garage. This guy is also a member of the excellent Electric Bunnies."   

hmm. i'd give it a listen.
I must digress here…
I have recently experienced a let down by the way of an impulsive buy.  
And now I converse with myself about this, not really saying anything you probably don’t already know… 
Digging the sound of words ≠ Digging the sound of the music they attempt to describe.
And yet… I am quite selective when it comes to my sources. I mean I don’t have the time lately to even get to read reviews and keep up with it all.  (and yet here I take the time to write this lengthy post)  
So when I do indulge… you know… I’d like to think I’m gettin the meat.   
So the review that got me was written about Cold Cave-  (i had seen their name a couple times before, and on the NoFunFest 2009 line up) - (I later hear that Aquarius Records is just totally won over by this band or some shit, some bias- and that bias- (heavy man) –because upon first listen, to my dismay, the shit blew.  
This kind of reaction is always intensified when following high expectations- or really any expectations at all when it comes to first listens.  But yeah… totally did not deliver.  as far as expectations go- not anywhere near the vicinity of a realm that I would have welcomed.  
The second track begins… my next impulse move follows.  Change the speed from its intended 45 to 33.  (my god.  slow that shit down.  or do something.)  To me, this interference helped (them and/or me), as a couple of songs actually became listenable, just more right (for lack of better words), his voice- much more interesting or rich and haunting.
As I sit here and write this account from memory, I’ll admit that I only listened 2 times through and it was maybe 3 or 4 weeks ago. I become aware that I might be speaking differently about the band and their record after a couple more GOs.  Most likely, I think I just wouldn’t be speaking about them at all.  
With certain gems and others- you just know they require more listens, that they are worthy, that you will be rewarded handsomely when it hits.  I don’t remember feeling this way about the record of mention.  Cant say I’ve had the urge.  And maybe it’s not a terrible record, just not my style- of late.    

But yeah, taking a chance… 
With the accessibility factor of today, is it just stupid? 
When you can easily listen before clicking ‘add to cart”, even to some pretty obscure or small edition shit—with the addition of the word zip to your browser?  with the plethora of blogs?
There is something exciting about taking a chance though. worth revisiting/preserving somehow... in this day.  But, then again, this day...“exciting” and "worth" ring differently in this context- delivered in the context- of this economy.

... then i decide to look up that Aquarius review of Cold Cave's 12"...
maybe a second READ of the review, in the first place, would have avoided me (and you) this rambling babble.  Sorry.

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