Saturday, April 11, 2009

French Electro Punk Mayhem

Ah, Metal I love your simple french punk rock tunes. This song is called "Panik" it was their 1st single back in 1977.

Metal Urbain were among the 1st punk bands to exist in France and were the 1st band ever to release anything on the famous Rough Trade label. They combined their love of the Sex Pistols with German electronic music to become the 1st electropunk band thus inspiring future generations of industrial rockers like Big Black and rock bands who would use drum machines like the Jesus & Mary Chain on Automatic. Metal Urbain released 3 singles and 1 record before breaking up in 79. You can get all their early stuff on a comp called Anarchy In Paris that was released in the US back in 2004. I recommend it for any fans of early punk/post-punk or just musically oddities.

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