Sunday, April 19, 2009

Local Bands That Don't Suck: World War 4/Moon War 1

It should be noted that I have no love affair with the Athens music scene. What was once vibrant and interesting has largely become irrelevant and our neighbors in the ATL have long passed us by, so whenever I do find an Athens band that is worth a shit I feel it's my duty to share.

This weekend I was wandering around downtown Athens and stumbled my way down to the Caledonia and discovered a new local band that's worth checking out. They're called World War 4/Moon War 1 (which is hilarious) and their sound is purely dude rock. They reminded me of Bad Moon Rising-Era Sonic Youth and early UnWound. Discordant guitar play and heavy clunky bass and loud, hard drumming. Nothing groundbreaking, but still more interesting than 90% of the shit going on in town. Best of all they understood the opening band rule: never play for more than 30 minutes and leave me wanting to see you again. Good stuff. Check em out.

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