Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Gimme Kiwi Rock Or Gimme Death

New Zealand, it ain't just the place where they filmed Lord Of the Rings....there's some great pop music in the Shire too. Bands like Crowed House & Split Enz came out of the 70s New Wave/Post Punk scene and had some sucess in the States and the UK and helped lay down the foundations for the 80s Kiwi Rock movement...a movement that was documented by the famous Flying Nun Records whose roster of influential bands like the Chills, The Clean, The Verlaines, Straight Jacket Fits, The Bats, & Tall Dwarfs helped give birth to the 90s/2000s Indie Pop scene that dominates underground rock today. So if you are a fan of bands like Pavement and the Shins then I highly recommend going back in time via the world of recorded music and checking out what was goin' on down in New Zealand in the 1980s. You won't be regret it.

My Top 6 New Zealand Rock Bands

The Chills "I Love My Leather Jacket"

The Clean "Anything Could Happen"

The Verlaines "Death and the Maiden"

Split Enz "Six Months On a Leaky Boat"

The Bats "North By North"

Tall Dwarfs "Nothings Gonna Happen"

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