Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Cries and Whispers

New Order have the rare distinction of releasing more "greatest hits" compilations during their career than actual albums...and mostly it's because they are a band who works best in singles than in records. very few of their albums could actually be called classic, other than Power, Corruption, & Lies i don't even know if any really qualify. but as far as flawed yet great albums go, Movement is be far my favorite New Order record. recorded after the death of Ian Curtis, it's the sound of a band that is still very much Joy Division and not really sure where to go next with their sound. opener "Dreams Never End" sounds like a b-side to "Love Will Tear Us Apart" and the cut "Doubts Even Here" sound like a lost track off of Closer. Rhino records rereleased the album last year with 10 bonus tracks. collecting all of the singles & B-sides the band recorded during their first year together, including the final two songs that Joy Division wrote ("Ceremony" & "In A Lonely Place"). it's a great document of the post-punk era and with some of the singles we get a first hint (especially "Everything's Gone Green" & "Temptation") of the greatness that is to come.

and staying the New Order zone...here's a video for the song "Crystal" off 2001's highly underrated Get Ready aka the video that The Killers took their band name from.

New Order - Crystal from sinner on Vimeo.

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