Friday, April 10, 2009

Bands I Love: PANTHERS

Brooklyn, New York's Panthers fall into that category of bands that never will be huge...but are totally fucking rad and you should love them anyway. my old band toured with these cats in the UK back in the summer of '03 and got our asses handed to us almost every night. the Panthers are a post-hardcore supergroup that feature members of Orchid, Red Scare, and Turing Machine. their sound would be described as Nation Of Ulysses + 70s Spacerock (mostly Hawkwind & Captain Beyond) with a healthy dose of Jesus Lizard thrown in for good measure = your favorite dude rock band of this decade. they've got 4 releases under their belt, but the 1st album is kind of shitty. the best starting point for them for any new fan would be their 2003 EP Let's Get Serious...which features a 5 song sampling of some of their best work.


  1. Jayson Green is one of the best front men I have ever seen. Never got to a chance to see Panthers, but Orchid was great.

    A friend recommended your blog, and I'm digging.

  2. wait, did Panthers break up?

    thanks a lot for checking my blog out.

  3. No idea if panthers broke up, but haven't heard anything about them in a year or two? most recently released something in 2007. Have you heard anything?

  4. they played in athens last year