Friday, September 28, 2012

ART SCHOOL DROPOUTS (a post-punk playlist)

ART SCHOOL DROPOUTS (a post-punk playlist)
  1. Joy Division- Ice Age
  2. Killing Joke- Pssyche
  3. The Birthday Party- Waving My Arms
  4. The Fall- It’s The New Thing!
  5. Pere Ubu- On The Surface
  6. Swell Maps- Helicopter Spies
  7. Magazine- Touch and Go
  8. The Au Pairs- You
  9. A Certain Ratio- Faceless
  10. APB- Shoot You Down
  11. Josef K- Fun N Frenzy
  12. Yeah Yeah Noh- Prick Up Your Ears
  13. The Homosexuals- Hearts In Exile
  14. The Names- Calcutta
  15. The Wake- The Drill
  16. The Fire Engines- Hungry Beat
  17. Section 25- Dirty Disco
  18. Jane & Jeff Hudson- Abadan
  19. Suicide- Shadazz
  20. Big Black- Dead Billy
  21. Chrome- TV As Eyes
  22. 39 Clocks- DNS
  23. Metal Urbain- Ghetto
  24. Cabaret Voltaire- No Escape
  25. The Pop Group- We Are All Prostitutes
  26. James Chance & The Contortions- Designed To Kill
  27. ESG- My Love For You
  28. Gang Of Four- We Live As We Dream, Alone
  29. Wire- Ahead
  30. Public Image Ltd.- The Order Of Death

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Beware Them Blood Sucking Rock N' Roll Mutants! (vol. 99)

BEWARE Them Blood Sucking Rock N' Roll Mutants! (vol. 99)

  1. Slug Guts- Howlin'
  2. The Birthday Party- Swampland
  3. The Jesus and Mary Chain- Taste the Floor
  4. The Gun Club- Bad Indian
  5. The Cramps- Drug Train
  6. Country Teasers- Anytime Cowboy
  7. Inca Babies- Plenty More Mutants
  8. The Scientists- Set It On Fire
  9. X (Australia)- Goin' Crazy
  10. Vincas- Deadache
  11. The Revelators- Hillbilly Wolf
  12. The Honeymoon Killers- Trampled Under Foot
  13. Royal Trux- I'm Ready
  14. The Dwarves- I Wanna Kill Your Boyfriend
  15. Tav Falco & Panther Burns- I'm On This Rocket
  16. The Black Lips- Buried Alive
  17. The Mummies- Stronger Than Dirt
  18. Crime- Crime Wave
  19. The Pagans- Nowhere To Run
  20. Chrome Cranks- Dark Room
  21. The Jesus Lizard- Seasick
  22. The U Men- They
  23. Rapeman- Radar Love Lizard
  24. Pussy Galore- Kill Yourself
  25. Cheater Slicks- Destroy You
  26. Dead Moon- Black September
  27. Mudhoney- Sweet Young Thing Ain't Sweet No More
  28. Boss Hog- Fix Me
  29. The Drones- She Had An Abortion That She Made Me Pay For
  30. Kim Salmon & The Surrealists- Devil In Disguise
  31. Beasts Of Bourbon- Lonesome Bones
  32. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds- I'm Gonna Kill That Woman
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Slug Guts Are My Favorite New Band. They Should Be Yours Too.

I've been listening to Slug Guts constantly the past few weeks. Playin' In Time With The Deadbeat might just be my favorite album of 2012. 

Slug Guts are an Australian band carrying on the proud traditions of their grandfathers The Birthday Party and Pussy Galore with an unholy amount of post-punk noise and deathrock rattle. i always just assume the Mad Max movies are documentaries of everyday Australian life…it’s the only way to explain why they do fucked up rock n roll better than everyone else.

like Slug Guts' previous records Deadbeat mines the same Australian post-punk and American noise rock territority. fuck originality...that shit doesn't help anyone....i want a goddamn homage to all my favorite records and if you want/need that too then this record has got all the goddamned sleazy art damaged worshipping rock n roll that your lil' ole' heart can handle. ain’t nothin’ original about Slug Guts. they steal from the best. The Birthday Party, Beasts Of Bourbon, Scratch Acid, The Gun Club, Christian Death, and about every other band obsessed with apocalyptic sleaze that you wanna namecheck. this is good shit. that’s all you need to know.

this is the perfect soundtrack for burying someone in a shallow grave or just sittin' around in a leather jacket tryin' to look cool. plus they do a killer cover of Public Image Ltd's "Order Of Death". 

you'd do worse than finding this record and giving it a few spins. highly recommended.