Thursday, May 30, 2013

1980s Punk & Indie Rock photography by Pat Blashill

Sonic Youth


Dinosaur Jr

Galaxie 500

My Bloody Valentine

Robert Smith
Butthole Surfers

Scratch Acid
The Dicks

Monday, May 20, 2013

Ain't No Cure For The Rock N' Roll Psychosis

Ain't No Cure For The Rock & Roll Psychosis 
  1. Crime- Frustration
  2. The Cramps- Sunglasses After Dark
  3. The Milkshakes- Pretty Baby
  4. The Gories- Telepathic
  5. The Mummies- A Girl Like You
  6. The Spaceshits- Turn Off The Radio
  7. The Boyfriends- I Don't Want Nobody
  8. The Ramones- Unhappy Girl
  9. The Scientists- Bet Ya' Lyin'
  10. The Spits- Tonight
  11. The Reatards- I'm Gonna Break Down
  12. The Carbonas- Don't Know Why
  13. Terry Malts- I Do
  14. Thee Marvin Gays- Gotta Go
  15. Ty Segall- Love Fuzz
  16. Dead Ghosts- Roky Said
  17. Zig Zags- Scavenger
  18. King Tuff- Bad Thing
  19. Exploding Hearts- Shattered (You Left Me)
  20. Turf War- Born To Run Free
  21. Black Lips- Not A Problem
  22. Dwarves- Love Gestapo
  23. The Sleaze- Too Close To Home
  24. Teengenerate- She's A Dumb
  25. Oblivians- I'll Be Gone
  26. Dead Moon- Over The Edge
  27. Roky Erickson- Don't Slander Me
  28. The Saints- Security
  29. The Heartbreakers- I Wanna Be Loved
  30. Dead Boys- Down In Flames