Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Black Flag in The Decline of Western Civilization

there are things you can’t unsee.

i remember buying my copy of Sonic Youth Dirty when it came out. opening the package, taking out the cd and popping it in, cranking "100%" to the max and being super stoked, then somewhere around "Drunken Butterfly" i noticed there was something underneath the plastic cd tray and popped it off the discover this picture underneath. score one for Thurston, Kim, and Co. as my 14 year old mind was blown and destroyed. the ultimate WTF? in 90s album art.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

jimmy page, jack white, and the edge all in a movie together

these Guitar Amps both suck big moose!

i used to have a t shirt in highschool with this design on it along with about 10 other Sonic Youth t-shirts (seriously i had at least 10 SY tees), but this was by far my favorite. unfortunately this falls into the category of SHIT MY MOM THREW AWAY CUZ SHE’S A MOM.

Greatest Duet Ever

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

punk rock love for the broken hearts

1. The Saints- a miror aversion
2. The Apartments- help
3. The Buzzcocks- love is lies
4. Johnny Thunders- its not enough
5. The Stranglers- strange little girl
6. Wire- feeling called love
7. Iggy Pop- fall in love with me
8. Simply Saucer- bullet proof nothing
9. The Zeros- she's just a girl on the block
10. The Gun Club- fire of love
11. Ramones- I wanna be your boyfriend
12. Modern Lovers- someone I care about
13. The Neon Boys- love comes in spurts
14. The Nerves- gimme some time
15. X- when our love passed out on the couch
16. Misfits- come back
17. The Wipers- the lonely one
18. Alex Chilton- can't seem to make you mine
19. Suicide- girl
20. The Boys Next Door- shivers

Friday, July 17, 2009

Bad Motherfuckers

3 of the most badass songs of all time.

Bad Company "Bad Company"

AC/DC "Jailbreak"

Thin Lizzy "The Rocker"

i'm djing Saturday Night @ GO BAR after the band MUSIC HATES YOU plays. i'll be playing nothing but 70s and 80s cockrock jams (Thin Lizzy, AC/DC, Cheap Trick, KISS, etc...) should be fun. come out and get drunk and pump your fist to the best riffage of all time.



Holy shit, these dudes are the best pizza band that have ever existed on this earth. Formed by Personal (aka Drew former bass player from Still Flyin, The Mantles, and The Mosquitos) and based out of the San Fran Bay Area - these dudes are blazing a trail through the US Garage scene. Think a sleezy sweaty version of the Stooges and the Ramones covered in RONI and some thick red sauce. Almost every song is about pizza and all are completely fucking mind blowing. Got to know Drew and the gang through Still Flyin but didnt realize how serious this shit was until March when we were in SXSW and Personal and The Pizzas played a myspace announced show at a record store in Austin one of the nights. The band before them finished playing in front of 20 people. When the pizzas started the fucking place was packed to the fucking gills and all these kids were slammin and handing pies around. It was a site to behold. That was a true mind blow.

They headline the Earl this coming Monday. Follow the link above to their myspace page and jam some of the ZA TUNES. Highly reccomend - Pizza Army & I Dont Wanna Be No Personal Pizza and they have a new 7" out - Brass Knuckles.

Fucking amazing shit.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Beck covering the Velvet Underground

Beck doing "Waitng For My Man" by the Velvet Underground as part of his new covers of classic albums project. it kinda sounds like Highway 61 era Dylan playing a Can song.

Record Club: Velvet Underground & Nico 'Waiting for My Man' from Beck Hansen on Vimeo.

you can check out more songs on his site.

How Did I Make It 30 Years Without Ever Listening to The Box Tops?

teenage Alex Chilton's white boy soul band from Memphis is at least better than 90% of his solo career.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

obvious statement of the day

J Spaceman sure has written a lot of songs about doing drugs.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Some 80s Indie Pop for your Friday Afternoon

this compilation CD of late 80s British jangle rockers Another Sunny Day is a mostly unknown and unloved little slice of indiepop brilliance. similar to most of the C86 bands of the UK indie scene during that time...Byrds influenced guitar, lo-fi recordings, and naive/punk influenced lyrics about love, loss, and murder. if you are caught up in this whole twee-pop revival (aka Pains Of Being Pure At Heart) then you might as well go back and enjoy some of the original inspiration.

opener "Anorak City" is awesome (and was oddly enough covered by Post-Hardcore band Fucked Up) and the Smiths influenced "You Should All Be Murdered" is a personal favorite. BEWARE: THIS SHIT IS TWEE AS A MOTHERFUCKER.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Boners

i have no idea who this is or what is going on in this picture but i imagine that this is the greatest band in the history of time and space.

this tumblr is full of such awesomeness.

Another NUGAZE band 4 yr A$$

this is THE BIG PINK. it's another in the recent line of shoegazer revivalists. this sounds kinda like My Bloody Valentine and M83 with some Nine Inch Nails thrown in for optimal 90s effect. the video is SOOOOOO 90s that it hurts. seriously it looks like something i would've seen on 120 Minutes or something. but anyways i dig the song a lot. these guys are on 4AD so that gives em some shoegazer cred and the one dude used to be in Alec Empires band...so you know he likes some noise. i don't know, this is a pretty good first single by a band i had never heard/read anything about until i saw this video on MTV2 this morning (yeah apparently from 6AM-10AM MTV2 plays nothing but videos...set yr DVRS kids). the only thing available on Itunes from The Big Pink is this single and a shitty b-side that has them ripping off the Jesus and Mary Chain and Smokey Robinson. regardless i'll keep my ears open to any future singles that they release.

i like my fake Jesus and Mary Chain bands extra loud

A Place To Bury Strangers should be paying the Reid Brothers royalties.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


5 of my favorite/totally underrated 70s Glam Rock jams of All Time

Mick Ronson post-Spider's From Mars. this song kills.

Mud doing their best T. Rex impression with "Tiger Feet"

Slade is slaying the shit out of this song.

Suzi Quatro - "Glycerine queen"

Cockney Rebel, this song was used in the end credits of Velvet Goldmine...which is a really terrible movie with really good music.

CCR doing CCR

Born on the Bayou, motherfucker.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Gun Club covering CCR

when i was in highschool i always wanted to start a band that sounded like a punk version of Creedence...then someone gave me a copy of a Gun Club record and i realized it had already been done. The Gun Club were one of a number of 80s punk bands to embrace CCR's roots rock/swamp boogie sound (Firehose, X, Green River, and pretty much the whole grunge scene...hell, Nirvana started off as a CCR coverband called The Sell Outs). anyways Gun Club covered CCR on their second album Miami ....which may not be as essential as their debut album, but still pretty much rules.


this saturday, the Buddy System is calling it quits kids. so comeout and enjoy the cartoon rock one last time. and hey you might get to see me down "Party Hard" with them again too.

Greatest Video EVER or Greatest Video Possible?

you can put this bullshit on mute...but GODDAMN!!!

i already know what my top video for 2009 is gonna be. King Magazine may be gone but it's spirit is def alive in this video.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Springsteen's Early Years

the first three albums by the Boss are pure rock n roll swagger. tell me "Growin' Up" isn't the best fucking song of all time. here's a clip of him doin' the song solo at Max's Kansas City in 1972.

the first 3 albums...before he became BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN/ THE BOSS.

MORE 4th Of July Rock N Roll

Happy 4th of July

Youth of america
Is living in the jungle
Fighting for survival with the wrong place to go
Youth of america
There's pressure all around
The walls are coming down the walls are crumbling down on you

It is time we rectify this now
We've got to feel it now
Got to feel it now, now, now...

They attack you from the right side
Down the left side
Down the middle 'til you don't know who you are

Stick around because it don't really matter
They'll try to put you 6 feet under the ground

It is time we rectify this now
We've got to heal it now
Got to heal it now, now, now...

It is time we rectify this now
We've got to save it now
Got to save it now, now, now...

The rich get richer and the poorer get poorer get poorer...
Now there's no place left to go...
Got to get off this rot...
You don't wanna be born here again?
I don't wanna be born here again...
Man, this just ain't no existence...
Beware of those guys in disguise...
We're living in the jungle, fighting for survival
Can't wait much longer, hurry...

Take the risk...Let it expand your imagination...
Take it...
We have no place left...
No place left
No place left
No place left to go

They attack you from the right side
Down the left side
Down the middle 'til you don't know who you are

Stick around because it don't really matter
They'll try to put you 6 feet under the ground...

It is time we rectify this now
We've got to feel it now
Got to feel it now, now, now

Youth of america
Youth, youth, youth, youth, youth, youth, youth, youth

Youth of america
Youth, youth, youth, youth, youth, you, you, you...

Friday, July 3, 2009

JAMES CHANCE live in Paris, 1980

it opens with a Michael Jackson cover (and also has a James Brown cover) and closes with his own biggest hit "Contort Yourself"...if by hit you mean track that music snobs all know but regular people have never fucking heard of and includes a bunch of other live versions of great tracks like "Almost Black" and "My Infatuation" during the Contortions period. not essential...but worth a listen.

No Wave Friday

Listening to New York Noise comp by Soul Jazz and NO NEW YORK as well as some early Sonic Youth, a James Chance cover of "jailhouse rock" and watching a bunch of Richard Kern shorts. Its officially No Wave Day. Need to bust out Downtown 81 and put this shit over the top.

James Chance & The Contortions


Sonic Youth


Glenn Branca

Downtown 81

Sonic Youth's "Death Valley 69"

directed by arty perv-master Richard Kern.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

CAPTAIN BEYOND. Get ready to get fingered in the brain.

Ok imagine a buncha dudes from Deep Purple, Iron Butterfly, and Johnny Winter spending the summer of '71 in Macon, GA drinking more liquid acid than they did beer all while writing and recording one of the craziest and best space rock records of all time. Oh yeah and they had a contest to see who could write the nastiest face fucking riff.

Well, that my friends is how Captain Beyond started. This record fucking slays. It gets WAYYYYYYY out there and yet they wrangle it in enough to try and have at least some commercial success. Rumor has it these dudes were even too drugged up for the Allman Brothers. WOOT!

(file is a .RAR - easy to find and free programs on the infranet to convert these to MP3)

my favorite George Harrison solo song