Tuesday, July 28, 2009

there are things you can’t unsee.

i remember buying my copy of Sonic Youth Dirty when it came out. opening the package, taking out the cd and popping it in, cranking "100%" to the max and being super stoked, then somewhere around "Drunken Butterfly" i noticed there was something underneath the plastic cd tray and popped it off the discover this picture underneath. score one for Thurston, Kim, and Co. as my 14 year old mind was blown and destroyed. the ultimate WTF? in 90s album art.


  1. Wow. I owned that for YEARS, and I had no idea...

  2. The Sonic Youth website says the photos depict "performance artists Bob Flanagan and Sherry Rose, naked, defiling various stuffed animals." Thank Zeus for the internet...

    Great blog, by the way.