Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Another NUGAZE band 4 yr A$$

this is THE BIG PINK. it's another in the recent line of shoegazer revivalists. this sounds kinda like My Bloody Valentine and M83 with some Nine Inch Nails thrown in for optimal 90s effect. the video is SOOOOOO 90s that it hurts. seriously it looks like something i would've seen on 120 Minutes or something. but anyways i dig the song a lot. these guys are on 4AD so that gives em some shoegazer cred and the one dude used to be in Alec Empires you know he likes some noise. i don't know, this is a pretty good first single by a band i had never heard/read anything about until i saw this video on MTV2 this morning (yeah apparently from 6AM-10AM MTV2 plays nothing but videos...set yr DVRS kids). the only thing available on Itunes from The Big Pink is this single and a shitty b-side that has them ripping off the Jesus and Mary Chain and Smokey Robinson. regardless i'll keep my ears open to any future singles that they release.

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