Thursday, May 31, 2012

SCREAM & SHOUT! (60s garage playlist)

  1. MC5- I Cant Only Give You Everything
  2. The Swamp Rats- Hey Freak
  3. The Outsiders- Summertime Blues
  4. The Sonics- Boss Hoss
  5. The Keggs- To Find Out
  6. The One Way Streets- Jack The Ripper
  7. The Lollipop Shoppe- You Must Be A Witch
  8. The Tamrons- Wild Man
  9. Los Saicos- Demolicion 
  10. The Litter- Action Woman
  11. The Pretty Things- Midnight To Six Man
  12. The Movements- Tell Her
  13. The Spiders- Go Go
  14. The Monks- Boys Are Boys
  15. The Squires- Going All The Way
  16. The Pleasure Seekers- What A Way To Die
  17. The King Beez- I Gotta Move
  18. The Choir- It's Cold Outside
  19. Les Boots- Le Ciel
  20. The Calico Wall- I'm A Living Sickness
  21. The Seeds- Evil Hoodoo 
  22. The Traits- High On A Cloud
  23. The Primitives- The Ostrich
  24. The Trashmen- Surfin' Bird (demo)
  25. The Teddy Boys- Jezebel
  26. Irma Thomas- Breakaway
  27. The Count Five- Pretty Big Mouth
  28. The Yardbirds- Evil Hearted You
  29. Screaming Lord Sutch- Don't You Just Know It
  30. The Dogs- Don't Try To Help Me
  31. The Travel Agency- Jailbait
  32. Bunker Hill- Friday Night Dance Party
  33. Brave New World- Train Kept A Rollin'

Monday, May 21, 2012

Album You Don't Own, But Should: Verbena's Into The Pink

Into The Pink is one of the great records of the the 90s that noone heard when it was released. Verbena were billed as the Southern Rock Nirvana which is a fair comparison (especially considering Dave Grohl produced this record). i always thought they sounded like what it would be if the Pixies tried to rewrite Sticky Fingers. all gnarled deep fried and dirty with guitars cranked way the fuck up and some nice boy/girl harmonies on top. Verbena were a band that i was fucking obsessed with and noone else i knew gave a fucking shit about them. it was the late 90s. all my friends were listening to Converge or the Promise Ring. nobody was interested in Alabama kids trying to keep the ghost of rock n roll alive. a couple of years later every fucking band around with a THE at the beginning of their name was playing garage rock but by then Verbena had morphed into something far more boring and then broke up now the singer does some solo thing called AA Bondy...which i've never bothered checking out. still they left behind two great albums: Into The Pink and Souls For Sale. and if you don't own em then you should get around to fixing that. 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Another Fucking 80s College Rock Playlist

  1. Mission Of Burma- Secrets
  2. Wipers- Pushing The Extreme
  3. The Embarrassment- Celebrity Art Party
  4. Pylon- Gravity
  5. The Feelies- Let's Go
  6. R.E.M.- All The Right Friends
  7. The Dream Syndicate- Then She Remembers
  8. X- Devil Doll
  9. Moving Targets- Less Than Gravity
  10. Husker Du- I Don't Know For Sure
  11. The Replacements- Nowhere Is My Home
  12. Soul Asylum- Long Way Home
  13. The Lemonheads- Hate Your Friends
  14. The Smithereens- Blood and Roses
  15. Screaming Trees- Walk Through To This Side
  16. fIREHOSE- Sometimes
  17. The Leaving Trains- She's Looking At You
  18. My Dad Is Dead- Too Far Gone
  19. Squirrel Bait- Kid Dynamite
  20. Die Kreuzen- Hide and Seek
  21. U Men- Shoot 'Em Down
  22. Green River- Come On Down
  23. Big Boys- Fun Fun Fun
  24. Scratch Acid- Amicus
  25. Big Black- Precious Thing
  26. The Flaming Lips- Bag Full of Thoughts
  27. Sonic Youth- Stereo Sanctity 
  28. Pixies- Manta Ray
  29. Dinosaur Jr.- They Always Come
  30. Meat Puppets- Get On Down