Thursday, May 31, 2012

SCREAM & SHOUT! (60s garage playlist)

  1. MC5- I Cant Only Give You Everything
  2. The Swamp Rats- Hey Freak
  3. The Outsiders- Summertime Blues
  4. The Sonics- Boss Hoss
  5. The Keggs- To Find Out
  6. The One Way Streets- Jack The Ripper
  7. The Lollipop Shoppe- You Must Be A Witch
  8. The Tamrons- Wild Man
  9. Los Saicos- Demolicion 
  10. The Litter- Action Woman
  11. The Pretty Things- Midnight To Six Man
  12. The Movements- Tell Her
  13. The Spiders- Go Go
  14. The Monks- Boys Are Boys
  15. The Squires- Going All The Way
  16. The Pleasure Seekers- What A Way To Die
  17. The King Beez- I Gotta Move
  18. The Choir- It's Cold Outside
  19. Les Boots- Le Ciel
  20. The Calico Wall- I'm A Living Sickness
  21. The Seeds- Evil Hoodoo 
  22. The Traits- High On A Cloud
  23. The Primitives- The Ostrich
  24. The Trashmen- Surfin' Bird (demo)
  25. The Teddy Boys- Jezebel
  26. Irma Thomas- Breakaway
  27. The Count Five- Pretty Big Mouth
  28. The Yardbirds- Evil Hearted You
  29. Screaming Lord Sutch- Don't You Just Know It
  30. The Dogs- Don't Try To Help Me
  31. The Travel Agency- Jailbait
  32. Bunker Hill- Friday Night Dance Party
  33. Brave New World- Train Kept A Rollin'

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