Thursday, May 17, 2012

Another Fucking 80s College Rock Playlist

  1. Mission Of Burma- Secrets
  2. Wipers- Pushing The Extreme
  3. The Embarrassment- Celebrity Art Party
  4. Pylon- Gravity
  5. The Feelies- Let's Go
  6. R.E.M.- All The Right Friends
  7. The Dream Syndicate- Then She Remembers
  8. X- Devil Doll
  9. Moving Targets- Less Than Gravity
  10. Husker Du- I Don't Know For Sure
  11. The Replacements- Nowhere Is My Home
  12. Soul Asylum- Long Way Home
  13. The Lemonheads- Hate Your Friends
  14. The Smithereens- Blood and Roses
  15. Screaming Trees- Walk Through To This Side
  16. fIREHOSE- Sometimes
  17. The Leaving Trains- She's Looking At You
  18. My Dad Is Dead- Too Far Gone
  19. Squirrel Bait- Kid Dynamite
  20. Die Kreuzen- Hide and Seek
  21. U Men- Shoot 'Em Down
  22. Green River- Come On Down
  23. Big Boys- Fun Fun Fun
  24. Scratch Acid- Amicus
  25. Big Black- Precious Thing
  26. The Flaming Lips- Bag Full of Thoughts
  27. Sonic Youth- Stereo Sanctity 
  28. Pixies- Manta Ray
  29. Dinosaur Jr.- They Always Come
  30. Meat Puppets- Get On Down

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