Saturday, May 21, 2011

just for you, here's a love song

The Wipers- Telepathic Love
The Apartments- Help
The Saints- Simple Love
The Ramones- I Need Your Love
The Spongetones- She Goes Out With Everybody
The Replacements- Temptation Eyes
The Clash- 1, 2, Crush On You
The Buzzcocks- You Say You Don’t Love Me
Radio Birdman- Love Kills
The Scientists- Shake Together Tonite
Teenage Head- Picture My Face
The Damned- Love Song
The Dead Boys- Tell Me
The Keggs- Girl
The Shangri Las- You Cheated, You Lied
The Nerves- Gimme Some Time
Buddy Holly- Dearest
Redd Kross- Heaven Only Knows
The Boys Next Door- These Boots Were Made For Walking (live)
The Sex Pistols- Lonely Boy
Richard Hell & The Voidoids- I Can Only Give You Everything
The Milkshakes- Love Can Lose
Roky Erickson- Clear Night For Love

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Nirvana Forever

I make no apologies for the fact I am a 1990s suburban teenage cliche. I was 13 years old when Nevermind came out and at the time I was scrawny, dorky, not very popular, and very interested in music and so Nirvana easily became my favorite band because they were everything that all the kids I hated in middle school were not, weird. Liking Nirvana of course lead to me learning about bands like Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr, The Jesus Lizard, and more importantly discovering 70s/80s punk and post-punk.

Nirvana's music will always be important to me but even more important is that Kurt was a shameless name dropper and I was a teenage sponge who bought up every recommendation. Almost every weekend of my early life was spent trying to get rides to Athens or Atlanta where they had real record shops so I could try and find the albums that I had on my Kurt List. Gang Of Four, The Wipers, The Raincoats, Melvins, Black Flag, Bad Brains, Scratch Acid, The Slits, Sex Pistols, etc. Which of course lead to more and more discoveries and so forth. It's the kind of dept to a band that will always give them a lofty status in my mind. So thanks Nirvana.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Turf War's FREE new single.

my boys, Turf War, are some drunk hooligans from Atlanta who just recorded a new song that's gonna be the anthem of summer 2011...or at the very least a song that you'll put on a mixtape. it's called "Summer time booze" and they want you to have it for free.

so download that shit here and thank me later.

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