Friday, October 25, 2013

Halloween Playlist 2013

Rock N' Roll Halloween Massacre Part 2: The Revenge 
  1. The Mummies- The Fly
  2. The Meteors- Corpse Grinder
  3. The Cramps- What's Behind The Mask?
  4. The Scientists- There's A Monster In Me
  5. Dead Moon- Graveyard
  6. Rocket From The Crypt- I Drink Blood
  7. Party Fowl- We're Gonna Eat Your Brains
  8. The Black Lips- Buried Alive
  9. Wooden Shjips- Vampire Blues
  10. The Chesterfield Kings- Running Through My Nightmares
  11. The Gruesomes- The Witch
  12. Thee Gravemen- My Girlfriend Is A Werewolf
  13. Slaughter & The Dogs- Victims of the Vampire
  14. Erazerhead- Werewolf
  15. The Revillos- Jack The Ripper
  16. Lydia Lunch- Spooky
  17. Dave Edmunds- The Creature From The Black Lagoon
  18. X- Devil Doll
  19. Dead Boys- Son Of Sam
  20. The Fleshtones- Screaming Skull
  21. Radio Werewolf- 1960 Cadillac Hearse
  22. Lee Kristofferson- Night Of The Werewolf
  23. Destroy All Monsters- Vampire
  24. Redd Kross- Linda Blair
  25. 45 Grave- Fucked By The Devil
  26. Christian Death- Skeleton Kiss
  27. T.S.O.L.- Black Magic
  28. The Flesh Eaters- See You In The Boneyard
  29. Scratch Acid- Cannibal
  30. Sonic Youth- Halloween
  31. Alan Vega, Alex Chilton, & Ben Vaughn- The Werewolf
  32. Roky Erickson & The Aliens- Night Of The Vampire
  33. The Misfits- American Nightmare
a sequel to last year's Halloween playlist. get it here.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Baby, It's Just You (Love Songs For Fall 2013)

Baby, It’s Just You 
  1. West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band- I Won’t Hurt You
  2. David Bowie- Soul Love
  3. Nolan Strong & The Diablos- If I Oh I (Could Be With You)
  4. The King Khan & BBQ Show- I’ll Be Loving You
  5. Hasil Adkins- I Want Some Lovin’
  6. Dead Ghosts- I Want You To Know
  7. The Milkshakes- I Want You
  8. Holly Golightly- Your Love Is Mine
  9. The Rolling Stones- Mercy, Mercy
  10. The McCoys- Sorrow
  11. The Gun Club- I Hear Your Heart Singing
  12. The Growlers- Someday
  13. Billy Bragg- Love Gets Dangerous
  14. The Modern Lovers- Someone I Care About
  15. The Velvet Underground- Temptation Inside Your Heart
  16. Dead Moon- Can’t Help Falling In Love
  17. The Kinks- And I Will Love You
  18. The Cryin’ Shames- Please Stay (Don’t Go)
  19. The Brian Jonestown Massacre- If Love Is The Drug Then I Want To O.D.
  20. Ty Segall- Lovely One
  21. T. Rex- Precious Star
  22. The Beach Boys- All I Wanna Do
  23. Mazzy Star- She’s My Baby
  24. Crocodiles- She Splits Me Up
  25. Richard Hawley- Darlin’ Wait For Me
  26. Betty Hope- Just A Little Bit More
  27. Love- Always See Your Face
  28. Chris Bell- Speed of Sound
  29. The Walkmen- Save The Last Dance For Me
  30. Daniel Johnston- True Love Will Find You In The End