Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Agenda (2002-2012) aka the first 10 years

10 Fucking Years Of The Agenda (2002-2012)
Start The Panic!
  1. Crash! Crash!
  2. I Want The Panic!
  3. Out With The Old In With The New!
  4. Last Chance For Action!
  5. Hit The Wall!
  6. Hard Friends!
  7. 50,000 Watts Of Love!
  8. Shake! Shake! Scream!
  9. No More Dancing
  10. You Give Me Hot Pants!
  11. Burn It Again!
Viper EP
  1. This Ain't No Fashion Show
  2. Strike Like A Viper
  3. Youth Against Fascism (Sonic Youth cover)
  4. Teenage Kicks (Undertones cover)
Only The Young Die Young (demos)
  1. Only The Young Die Young
  2. I Just Wanna Know Your Name
  3. Black Knees
  4. Danger, Danger Love
  5. Suicide City
10 years ago this month my band recorded our debut album Start The Panic at Chase Park in Athens, GA with David Barbe. now we are grown ups who never play shows. we are sorta a band in the fact that we all still like each other and we won’t break up cuz, well, who would care? but our days of recording and going on tour and all that stuff are done. weren't a very prolific band...but we were in fact a band for 10 years.
get it
and for the hell of it...or video for Crash Crash

Friday, April 13, 2012

Don't Let Your Youth Go To Waste

  1. Spacemen 3- Take Me To The Other Side (demo)
  2. Primal Scream- I'm Losing More Than I'll Ever Have
  3. My Bloody Valentine- Never Say Goodbye
  4. Dinosaur Jr- Severed Lips
  5. Sugar- Helpless
  6. Teenage Fanclub- God Knows It's True
  7. The Jesus and Mary Chain- Happy Place
  8. The Wedding Present- Once More
  9. The Jacobites- Pin Your Heart To Me
  10. The Blue Orchids- Sleepy Town
  11. The Go Betweens- The Sound Of Rain
  12. The Lilys- Timber
  13. The Brian Jonestown Massacre- Open Heart Surgery
  14. The Boo Radleys- Does This Hurt?
  15. Chapterhouse- Rain
  16. The Jasmine Minks- What's Happening
  17. Henry's Dress- The Way She Goes
  18. Felt- Sunlight Bathed The Golden Glow
  19. The Soup Dragons- Pleasantly Surprised
  20. The Pastels- Crawl Babies
  21. The Stone Roses- The Hardest Thing In The World
  22. Slaughter Joe- I'll Follow You Down
  23. The Telescopes- To Kill A Slow Girl Walking
  24. Ride- Taste
  25. Swervedriver- Feel So Real
  26. Loop- Straight To Your Heart
  27. Galaxie 500- Don't Let Your Youth Go To Waste

Thursday, April 12, 2012

new-ish music worth checking out: State Champion's album Deep Shit

State Champion's album Deep Shit just dropped onto my radar and goddamn if it ain't a hell of a good record. it's pure hillbilly garage rock n roll that's drunk as hell and has a lot of shit it wants to get off it's chest. these are some Kentucky boys that just wanna play you some sad ole' country songs but they can't help it if their amps are stuck on Dinosaur Jr. Deep Shit reminds me of a time when Americana didn't automatically equal boring as fuck indie rock with some slide guitar added in for effect. if you are a fan of Uncle Tupelo, Whiskeytown, Steve Earle, The Replacements, and good honest American Rock n Roll then this is a record for you.