Thursday, March 29, 2012

Let's Do The Bop (70s & 80s Punk & Power Pop)

LET'S DO THE BOP! (punk & power pop playlist)
  1. The Deaf Aids- Do It Again
  2. Stiv Bators- Not That Way Anymore
  3. Marching Girls- True Love
  4. Teenage Head- Disgusteen
  5. The Scientists- It'll Never Happen Again
  6. The Victims- Television Addict
  7. Rubber City Rebels- Young and Dumb
  8. The Controllers- Killer Queers
  9. The Zeros- Handgrenade Heart
  10. Redd Kross- St. Lita Ford's Blues
  11. The Real Kids- Rave On
  12. The Suburbs- Teenage Run In
  13. The Suicide Commandos- Attacking the Beat
  14. Hollywood Killers- Goodbye Suicide
  15. The Riptides- Sunset Strip
  16. The Manikins- Love At Second Sight
  17. Pointed Sticks- Out Of Luck
  18. The Nips- All The Time In The World
  19. The Flys- Can I Crash Here
  20. The Kids- Fascist Cops
  21. The Fun Things- (I Ain't Got) Time Enough For Love
  22. The ReRuns- So So Alone
  23. The Fast Cars- The Kids Just Wanna Dance
  24. Ramones- Please Don't Leave
  25. The Barracudas- Grammar Of Misery
  26. Nervous Eaters- By Yourself
  27. The Cracked Jaffers- Greatest Mistake
  28. The Drones- Be My Baby
  29. Eddie & The Hot Rods- Quit This Town
  30. The Cannibals- Going All The Way

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Nice Boys Don't Play Rock n' Roll

  1. Jody Reynolds- Fire Of Love
  2. The Cramps- Under The Wires
  3. Inca Babies- Opium Den
  4. The Scientists- This Is My Happy Hour
  5. The Birthday Party- Bully Bones
  6. X (Australia)- The Feel
  7. The Saints- No Time
  8. Rose Tattoo- Nice Boys (Don't Play Rock n' Roll)
  9. The Nomads- Where The Wolf Bane Blooms
  10. Lime Spiders- Out Of Control
  11. The Gruesomes- Way Down Below
  12. The Gories- I Think I've Had It
  13. The Weirdos- Jungle Rock
  14. The Flesh Eaters- Suicide Saddle
  15. The Gun Club- Moonlight Motel
  16. X- The Have Nots
  17. Knoxville Girls- One Sided Love
  18. Beasts Of Bourbon- Chase The Dragon
  19. Halo Of Flies- Human Fly
  20. The Hentchmen- Psycho Daisies
  21. Thee Mighty Ceasers- You Make Me Die
  22. Oblivians- Trouble
  23. Black Lips- Juvenile
  24. Dwarves- Don't Love Me
  25. Chrome Cranks- Way Out Lover
  26. Mudhoney- No One Has
  27. Pussy Galore- Alright
  28. The Stooges- Gimme Some Skin
  29. Ty Segall- Hey Big Mouth
  30. Vincas- Hell Ride
  31. The Drones- Baby
  32. Loop- Head On
  33. Spacemen 3- When Tomorrow Hits
  34. The Jesus and Mary Chain- I Hate Rock & Roll
  35. The Icarus Line- Wildlife

Friday, March 2, 2012

New Turf War music video

Atlanta Garage rock boys TURF WAR made a video for their song “Cheers To The Years”.

give it a watch. it contains smoke machines, beer, things being broken, ridiculousness, and Atlanta Braves hats.

Directed & Edited by Jason Travis.
Additional camerawork by Justin Weaver.

and if you are at SXSW this year then check out one of their sets:

3/15 Masquerade ATL/Founders Entertainment @ Beauty Bar - 1pm
3/15 East End Management “Treehouse” @ Cheers’ Shot Bar - 3:30pm
3/17 Rollo & Grady @ Side Bar - 2:35pm
3/17 The Studio by HGTV (304 W 4th St) - 10pm

I got the Deathrock, Post-Punk, Goth Blues

Dead In The Head (goth, deathrock, post-punk mix)
  1. Joy Division- Exercise One
  2. The Birthday Party- Junkyard
  3. Siouxsie & The Banshees- Monitor
  4. The Cure- Secrets
  5. The Sound- Skeletons
  6. The Chameleons- The Fan and the Bellows
  7. Echo & The Bunnymen- Crocodiles
  8. The Wake- Favour
  9. The Lines- Dance for a Drop of Blood
  10. 1919- Caged
  11. Bauhaus- The Sanity Assassin
  12. Killing Joke- Follow the Leaders
  13. The Sisters Of Mercy- Alice
  14. Lords Of the New Church- Open Your Eyes
  15. Death Cult- Gods Zoo
  16. Ministry- Work For Love
  17. This Mortal Coil- Not Me
  18. Zounds- Demystification
  19. Twisted Nerve- Seance
  20. The Mission- Deliverance
  21. Death In June- Nothing Changes
  22. Ausgang- King Hell
  23. These Immortal Souls- Shamed
  24. Inca Babies- Burning Town
  25. The Gun Club- Death Party
  26. The Damned- Wait For the Blackout
  27. Christian Death- Spiritual Cramp
  28. 45 Grave- Black Cross
  29. My Bloody Valentine- The Love Gang
  30. Love & Rockets- Motorcycle
  31. The Jesus and Mary Chain- Everything's Alright When You're Down
  32. Rowland S. Howard- Sleep Alone