Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day 2014 Playlist

Tell Me Baby That You’ll Be My Baby 
  1. Neil Young- I’ve Been Waiting For You
  2. The Zombies- This Will Be Our Year
  3. Syd Barrett- Love You
  4. The Velvet Underground- I Found A Reason
  5. Alex Chilton- With A Girl Like You
  6. Ramones- I Need Your Love
  7. Greg Oblivian & The Tip Tops- Watching My Baby Get Ready
  8. Hasil Adkins- Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?
  9. Nolan Strong & The Diablos- If I, Oh I (Could Be With You)
  10. The Rolling Stones- If You Need Me
  11. Thee Milkshakes- Soldiers of Love
  12. The Gun Club- She’s Like Heroin To Me
  13. The Vibrators- Baby Baby
  14. Yo La Tengo- Somebody’s Baby
  15. Roky Erickson- True Love Ways
  16. The Paris Sisters- I Love How You Love Me
  17. Tav Falco’s Panthers Burns- She’s The One That’s Got It
  18. Link Wray- Walkin’ Down The Street of Love
  19. The Detroit Cobras- Oh My Lover
  20. The Kinks- I Need You
  21. T. Rex- I Really Love You, Babe
  22. Donnie & Joe Emerson- Baby
  23. The Walkmen- Dance With Your Partner
  24. Beat Happening- Cast A Shadow
  25. Sebadoh- Brand New Love
  26. Skywave- Baby It’s Just You
  27. Spacemen 3- Come Down Softly To My Soul
  28. Nick Cave & Anita Lane- I Love You…Nor Do I
  29. The Everly Brothers- All I Have To Do Is Dream
  30. Joe Tex- The Love You Save May Be Your Own