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Hey Internets!

My good friend / one-time-nemesis / good-friend-once-again Justin asked me to be a contributor to this here blog and I am happy to accept. Who knows how often I will be contributing as I am involved in about a million different projects, but I will do my best to bring offerings of garage/psyche/weirdo/magic as often as possible.

In case you are interested you can find out more about my various projects by clicking these links:

The Buddy System
Grape Soda
The Action 5

There's more coming but those things don't have websites yet so I'll wait to spill the beans on those. Follow me on Twitter HERE

And now I leave you with one of my all time favorite songs by the great short lived garage/punk pioneers The Monks!!

Local Bands That Don't Suck: The Buddy System

here's a video from my friends The Buddy System (the drummer and guitar player used to be in my old band). the song is called "Horse Mountain". if you are easily upset by human on evil horse violence then this is probably not for you....if not then enjoy.

Horse Mountain from Lauren Gregg on Vimeo.

you can check out more of their animation and music over at Buddysystem TV.

Jangle Pop Will Never Die

i found this really awesome compilation of mid 80s British Indie Music but i don't wanna pay the ridiculous import prices. Rhino records needs to get off their ass and release this in the US.


Disc: 1
1. Velocity Girl - Primal Scream
2. Sun A Small Star - Servants
3. Around And Around - Hurrah
4. Why Does The Rain - Loft
5. Vibrato - East Village
6. Pristine Christine - Sea Urchins
7. What Went Wrong This Time - Siddeleys
8. Anorak City - Another Sunny Day
9. Get Out Of My Dream - Clouds
10. Golden Shower - Boy Hairdressers
11. Ask Johnny Dee - Chesterfields
12. He Blows In - Raw Herbs
13. Paul McCartney - Laugh
14. You Didn't Love Me Then - Hit Parade
15. Like Frankie Lymon - Weather Prophets
16. Sunday To Saturday - June Brides
17. I Had An Excellent Dream - Dentists
18. Everybodys Knows The Monkey - Mighty Mighty
19. E102 - BMX Bandits
20. Tallulah Gosh - Tallulah Gosh
21. Cut Me Deep - Jasmine Minks
22. I'll Still Be There - Razorcuts
23. Therese - Bodines
24. Paradise Estate - Television Personalities

Disc: 2
1. Upside Down - Jesus & Mary Chain
2. Really Stupid - Primitives
3. It Always Rains On Sunday - Groove Farm
4. Black Country Chainsaw Massacre - Pop Will Eat Itself
5. Come Get Me - 14 Iced Bears
6. Sign On The Line - Fizzbombs
7. Anti Midas Touch - Wolfhounds
8. This Boy Can Wait - Wedding Present
9. Bible Of The Beats - Age Of Chance
10. Safety Net - Shop Assistants
11. Just Too Bloody Stupid - Close Lobsters
12. Dukla Prague Away Kit - Half Man Half Biscuit
13. Don't Slip Up - Meat Whiplash
14. I Could Be In Heaven - Flatmates
15. If I Said - Darling Buds
16. Poised Over The Pause Button - This Poison
17. Jack And Julian - Bachelor Pad
18. On Tape - Pooh Sticks
19. Flowers Are In The Sky - Revolving Paint Dream
20. Whole Wide World - Soup Dragons
21. Frans Hals - McCarthy
22. Like An Angel - Mighty Lemon Drops
23. Why Popstars Can't Dance - Big Flame
24. Baby Honey - The Pastels

What John Peel Is Listening To In Heaven

according to the late John Peel this is the greatest song ever written. i agree. The Undertones doing "Teenage Kicks" on Top of the Pops.

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Name Droppers Of The World Unite & Takeover

being into music isn't just an interest…it's a fucking full time job for some folks.

Music Snobbery is something that most people of a certain demographic will take part in from their late teens well into their early 30s. for most music snobs it was likely that during college they would spend some time working for the local college radio station or at a record store honing their craft...or maybe even starting a band to help out in the endless cycle of trying to be cool and get laid....or if they were really lucky and had some rich parents or a trust fund they might even put out a record or two on their own label..this is the Mortal Kombat finishing move of Music Snobbery. this is essentially what happens to people who didn't like sports or weren't good enough to make their highschool baseball team. and this goes on and on until they stop caring as much about music because they either:

a)have a kid and have less time to devote to finding out about cool music or

b) get burnt out on trying to one up their friends and retire from music snobbery content with the knowledge that they have excellent taste and can no longer learn anything of true value.

back in the olden days before the Internets it was a very difficult thing to be a music snob, you had to read magazine articles and books about underground rock n roll to hear about new bands or "important" older bands and then you had to devote lots of time and money into traveling to out of the way independent record stores or ordering things through the mail without ever hearing it first. this made for some interesting discoveries (the raincoats, the wipers, the vaselines...aka anything kurt cobain listed as a major influence) or it could result in some really crappy cds that you couldn't sell at the used cd shop (free kitten, gumball!). and back in these happy times it really meant something to be able to namedrop some bands on other music snobs to let them know you were in the know and not a total poseur.

then something terrible happened: THE INTERNET. and everything went to shit and it was as easy as clicking on your mouse and downloading a song by some obscure band from Scotland that only had 2 eps and you could suddenly claim you'd heard them way before anyone else or whatever. the effort was now totally gone. but even though it has become much much easier to know about cool music, it's still important to be into the right cool music…especially if you are a person younger than 23 who is talking about music to a person older than 29. there are certain bands that you must be aware of if you are to ever shed the label of young poseur. post punk as a genre is really a cottage industry for a good name dropper to verse themselves in. liking the Cure and The Smiths don't count.

the top 25 bands to name drop if you are worried people think you are a poseur

1. Sonic Youth (although very popular at one time, you must always list them as one of your favorite bands)
2. The Nation Of Ulysses
3. Nick Cave (Bad Seeds/Birthday Party)
4. Gang Of Four (it's important to understand that all dance punk bands are gang of four clones)
5. The Jesus And Mary Chain (it's important to call bands out for ripping off the JMC)
6. Modern Lovers
7. ESG (also good to play their songs at dance parties to impress certain people)
8. Pere Ubu/Rocket From The Tombs
9. Mission Of Burma
10. The Fall/Wire (UK punk bands that stayed around forever and everyone likes to list as an influence)
11. Joy Division/New Order/followed by as many obscure Factory Records bands as possible (A Certain Ratio's always good)
12. The Clean/The Bats/The Verlaines (any indie band from new zealand as this is the birth of indie pop and that's what the Shins are)
13. Can/Faust/random German Krautrock
14. James Chance/No Wave as a genre in general
15. Hawkwind/early 70s proto-metal, space rock, obscure prog, etc...
16. This Heat/The Pop Group/unlistenable Freak Funk
17. The Gun Club/X/The Zeroes (other early LA punk bands as they are less popular than New York and London bands)
18. Suicide/New York Dolls/Television (70s new york city punk that isn't the Ramones or Blondie)
19. Swell Maps (important to note they influenced Pavement)
20. Captain Beefheart (although i don't know anyone who actually listens to them who isn't 40)
21. Pylon (unless you live in Athens...then it's not big deal)
22. The Sonics/the Monks (garage punk pioneers)
23. Neu!
24. Drive Like Jehu/Jesus Lizard/Big Black (thinking man's dude rock)
25. The Wipers/Raincoats/Vaselines (aka the Kurt Cobain obsessions)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Pulp - Babies

Virtually unknown in the U.S., but huge in Britain, Pulp were one of the defining bands of the Britpop scene. Led by frontman Jarvis Cocker, pretty much all of their songs were about sex. This track off the album His N' Hers is my personal favorite and tells the time honored story of spying on your girlfriend's sister boning some dude, only to be discovered and relunctantly forced to have to knock boots with her. Also: it has a catchy riff and you can dance to it; so enjoy.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Art Punks Attack

our band of the day is The Pop Group. a post-punk band formed in Bristol, England who fused their love of funk, punk, dub, and free jazz into something unlike anyone else ever before. Nick Cave proclaimed them to be his favorite band of all time. they released 1 incredible album, Y as well as another album i've never actually heard called How Much Longer Do We Tolerate Mass Murder? and one classic single "We Are All Prostitutes" for Rough Trade. they predate the No Wave scene but it would seem obvious that they had a major influence on James Chance. their sound could best be described as a combination of This Heat & The Birthday Party with Lee "Scratch" Perry producing it...so yeah, pretty fucking arty shit. if you're a fan of The Slits, James Chance & The Contortions, A Certain Ratio, Public Image Ltd., or the Liars then the Pop Group is for you.

if you can find Y, i highly recommend it. one of my truly favorite bizarre albums.

here's a video for the band's best track "She's Beyond Good & Evil" off the album Y. worst lip syncing EVER!!!

Next Friday

AH shit!!!! Athens, Georgia better look out....We Doin' It Again!!!

next Friday...April 3rd, yours truly and DJ Kenniebloggins, will be DJing @ the Caledonia Lounge during, inbetween, and after the bands (NMG/EXCALIBRAH/CASSAVETES). cuz it's CRUNK & DISORDERLY PART 2: Electric Boogaloo. another night of 70s & 80s punk rock mixed with a healthy dose of Southern Hip Hop and 90s Gangsta Rap. if you always felt like Lil' Scrappy and The Geto Boyz were more fun to listen to along with the Misfits and Black Flag then this is your sort of thing.

Springsteen does Suicide

file this one under strange covers you'd never imagine hearing:

Bruce Springsteen doing the Suicide classic "Dream Baby Dream"

it's actually not really that strange as the Boss has long shared his love of the proto-punk/electronic pioneers. apparently Springsteen was really into the No Wave scene when he was first starting out and he's even stated that Nebraska was heavily influenced by the first Suicide record.

that time Courtney Love yelled at me

many moons ago my old band was on tour and playing a show in LA. the show was mostly a disaster, as we were opening for Lou Barlow and were forced to play way early in the night before the show really even was supposed to start (i mean seriously this was in 2002. Who the Fuck Gave A Shit About Lou Fucking Barlow anymore?!) and nobody really saw us other than this lawyer dude who tried to be our manager and all in all it was one of those waste of time shows that makes you wish you had the night off. anyways we were about to start a short leg of our tour with Har Mar Superstar & The Gossip...two groups we were excited and happy to be opening for. anyways after the Lou Barlow suckfest we headed for Hollywood to meet up with Har Mar who was having a CD release party at the Roxy. the party was fairly surreal for me as it included Fred Durst and that dude from Puddle Of Mudd who thinks he's Kurt Cobain, a passed out 17 year old Jack Osbourne, and Nick Zinner from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. we stayed at the party for a while, got drunk, talked about our upcoming tour with Har Mar, laughed at Fred Durst getting kicked out of the party for being a dick, and then eventually decided to head out and make our way to San Diego which was where our tour was about to start.

anyways as we were leaving the party we discovered that our van was being blocked in by another van with a big EPIC records logo emblazoned along the side. someone jokingly made a comment that someone famous was probably inside...to which a moment later an obviously intoxicated Courtney Love came bursting out of the Van clutching an equally drunk Kelly Osbourne. i yelled, "Holy Shit!" and our guitar player, Ryan, pulled out his camera and took a quick snap shot of the famous drunkards. this caused the intoxicated Courtney to turn in our direction and begin shouting at us. frozen in terror we stood still as the henious woman beast spewed forth a couple of insults our way before suddenly asking us is we were a band. we acknowledged that we in fact were. she then mockingly asked if we were one of those "THE Bands" (aka The Strokes, The Hives, The Vines, The Every New Band In The Year 2002), to which we shamefully acknowledged that we in fact were. she then made comments about us having nice "heroin mullets" (no such mullets were in existence...hell i was the only one with long hair) and then asked where we were from. when we told her that we were from Athens, Georgia her tone completely changed and she became strangely nice and interested in us. she spent five minutes explaining to us that she loved Athens, was friends with Michael Stipe (a fact we were already aware of) and then began making reference to the fact that she was hanging out with Kelly Osbourne and calling her "Sweet Leaf genes". then she asked us for a demo tape (which we didn't have), told us not to let Michael Stipe produce our record, and then stumbled off into the night on her way to the party we had just left, leaving us with an amusing story to tell our friends and a picture to help us cherish the bizarre encounter.

here is said photo...notice the perfect Sunset Blvd sign in the background that helped fully sum up the surrealness(is that even a word?) of this event for me (we made copies of it at Wal Mart and chose the American Heroes border because we felt it was a fitting tribute to the woman who drove Kurt Cobain to kill himself). sorry for the shitty quality...i had to take a photo of the photo with my camera phone because my scanner is broken.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Adventureland has a pretty rad soundtrack

So the Adventureland soundtrack plays like a mix cd i would have made for my girlfriend in highschool. i mean The Replacements, Husker Du, The Velvet Underground, and Big Star? that's pretty killer. i kinda wanted to see this movie before, but now after seeing this tracklist i am totally sold.

A Random Rare DEVO Track To Start Your Day

this is a personal mix cd favorite of mine. the first time i heard this song was when my old band played a show with Whilrwind Heat and they covered it. from Hardcore Devo Vol. 1 "Auto Modown".

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

an open question

So I read on pitchfork today that Jimmy Chamberlin quit Smashing Pumpkins of whom he was the only original member left besides Billy Corgan and thereby making Smashing Pumpkins no more Smashing Pumpkins than Guns N Roses is really Guns N Roses. Both Corgan and Axl are using their bands legendary names to passoff onto the world their shitty solo projects and that got me to thinking...who is a bigger asshole douchebag waste of space? Both have completely lost touch with whatever talent they used to have and should be voted off the island so that the world must not suffer their future musical endeavors...but what if I could only stop one of them, then who? My vote would be for Axl...even if Billy Corgan is a bigger douchebag.




the kids of today should defend themselves against the 90s

You know that you have gotten old when the anniversary editions of albums people were listening to freshman year of highschool are starting to come out. Pearl Jam are releasing an unnecessary super deluxe expanded version of 1991's Ten today as well as offering the entire album for download on the Rock Band 2 video game. Yes, just what I need to have to listen to....my fucking neighbors playing Pearl Jam songs that I hated when I was 14 at 2AM on a Tuesday. I'm surprised Courtney hasn't unleashed Nirvana's own Rock Band game on the world yet. It seems like the most logical step in her quest to turn Kurt/Nirvana into the Jimi Hendrix/Jim Morrison-esque raped corpse for an entirely new generation of kids.

Being the number 1 target market totally sucks because it means everything you used to care about will now be used against you to sell you toys for your spawn, insurance, cars, and all you can eat buffets.

Mike Watt warned me about the evils of nostalgia.

Monday, March 23, 2009

2 Quick Reviews Of New Albums I've Bought Recently

The Black Lips - 200 Million Thousand

the first time i listened to this record i declared that it was in fact the Black Lips best album yet...then i listened to it a couple of more times and decided that i was wrong, it's still a pretty fucking good record. after 2007's Good Bad Not Evil i assumed they'd continue on with their more polished sound and recording but was happy to discover they'd returned to their more lo-fi roots and delivered an album that was more like my favorite Black Lips' album Let It Bloom. fans of their early work will be more than pleased. the Lips continue amuse me with their bordeline retarded antics and rowdy live shows, but the solid albums are really what make me love this band. highlight tracks are #2 "Drugs", #3 "Starting Over", #8 "Big Black Baby Jesus Of Today", & #11 "Drop I Hold" (which might be my favorite track as it sounds like a lost Wu Tang Clan song sung by a honky garage band from the ATL).

Yeah Yeah Yeah's - It's Blitz

what is up with the 21st century's rockers and their 3rd albums? the Strokes, Interpol, The Walkmen, & TV On The Radio all among the most promising bands of this decade who recorded 2 really great records and then followed them up with predictable/boring/or disappointing third efforts. i'm not saying that each of those bands third records were total failures, but they were in no way what i was expecting and hoping for from each of those bands. well you can go ahead an add the Yeah Yeah Yeahs to that list as well with It's Blitz. first off i understand the need for bands to "change things up" every album or so, but why is ditching the guitars the standard move for bands? i blame Radiohead. so yeah, It's Blitz is a guitarless new-wave-ish dance-y record that i don't think you could really dance to. i mean lead off track and single "Zero" is danceable (with a little remixing) but that's about it. the first thing i thought when i heard this record was, "The Yeah Yeah Yeahs have been listening to too much M83"...but whatever, just cuz you ditched your guitars for synths doesn't mean you have to make me dance. Suicide sure as shit don't have any disco hits, but the YYYs ain't Suicide. the track everyone seems to be freaky out about is "Skeleton" which sounds is a bit of a sequel of sorts to "Maps" written from the older point of view...or something. it's a good song for sure but i don't know if it's because i'm 30 and jaded or because it's not that great of a song, because i wouldn't put this on a mix tape for anyone. i don't know, maybe i just need to give this album some time and it'll grow on me, but right now i'd give it a 6.5 outta 10.

America, America Is Killing It's Youth

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

2 Albums You Probably Don't Own, But Should

back in the summer of 2004 a little band from LA called The Icarus Line put out an album that was some kind of motherfucking kick ass good called Penance Soiree. and it totally restored my faith in the power of rock and roll and also reminded me that all a record needs to do is rock and you will love it forever. unfortunately not many people cared enough to follow my blind love and devotion to a band that was mostly known for being assholes and smashing glass cases containing guitars once played by Stevie ray Vaughn. (and event that i witnessed live in shocked amazement)

well that was your loss America. it’s been a few years now and the Icarus Line are still where they were back then, an underground LA rock band that not many people care about. but that never changed the fact that they had made one of the best albums of 21st century rock and you should still buy it if you are into that kind of thing.

this is the review i wrote for it back in 2004:

if you like REAL rock n’ roll with fucking balls then buy this shit. sounds like Drive Like Jehu, The Birthday Party, Jesus & Mary Chain, and Black Flag all got in a fight while doing tons of coke off a strippers tits and then the survivors started a band that could only play fucked up Stooges’ covers. fuck that! that’s the easy review. this shit sounds like god talking to you the first time you did really strong acid and discovered that you were stupid for being too punk to like Led Zeppelin so then you threw away your Jawbreaker records (which you later had to rebuy) and bought Black Sabbath’s self titled album and then just listened to The Wizard over and over again until you fucking were a wizard. so fucking heavy. like Sabbath heavy. which is to say the kind of heavy that kicks you in the ass. these riffs will cut down fucking trees. and loud, like jesus lizard loud where it splits your ear drum in two. it’s the perfect soundtrack for a night of hard drinking and dirty sex with a girl whose name you never bothered to learn. i’m sure you can find it in a used cd bin somewhere or you can steal in online. it’s worth the space on your itunes, trust me.

here's the video for their single Party The Baby Off.

and here's the video for Up Against The Wall, Motherfucker

my next album that you should own is from a little known and unheralded band from the great state of Alabama called Verbena. they were best remembered or forgotten as that band Dave Grohl produced and tried to make sound like Nirvana, which is about what he got. i discovered Verbena sometime around 1998 when i was fully into the whole hardcore scene and had largely forgotten about my grunge rock roots. well luckily for me my kid brother read about this band in an issue of guitar world. Verbena was described as a southern rock Nirvana…and being that Nirvana was and always will be my favorite band of all time we both decided to check out whatever record of theirs we could find. the album we discovered was 1997’s Souls For Sale.

Souls For Sale was everything i wanted out of a rock record that i wasn’t getting from the emo/hardcore albums that were dominating my cd player in 1997-98. it was a raw riffs and rough vocals with a wonderful southern twang. the best way to describe the record was a perfect combination of Bleach era Nirvana trying their best to sound like Sticky Fingers era Rolling Stones. opener “hot blood” and track #5 “the desert” shred, while moody “junk for fashion” and the wild horses-like “the song that ended your career” showed that the band could write a good sad song as well. the guitar work on the album is phenomenal. and the lyrics are great. every song is catchy and memorable and makes you wanna drink a bottle of whiskey and forget that girl who broke your fucking heart back in 1996. it really is one of the hidden gems of the late 90s’ alternative/indie rock scene and if they’d put this album out in 2001 they’d have been huge stars. instead they got lost in the shuffle of late 90s Nu-Metal/rap rock/fake grunge Creed-like schlock. which is to say they never had a chance. if you love the sound of a cranked to 11 rock band playing bluesy heavy and catchy as hell rock this is the album you’ve been missing out on. i highly recommend.

here's a video for their best song Baby Got Shot from their equally awesome follow up record, Into The Pink (go ahead and buy that one too).

Indie Rock Classics - Pavement "Summer Babe"

Here's a pretty cool live version of the classic Pavement song "Summer Babe".

If you haven't heard this before or the album Slanted and Enchanted, you need to buy or download that shit ASAP. Matador released a great 2 disc special edition that has an early EP, some singles and a live show. One of the bonus tracks is "Frontwards" which is my personal favorite song from the band.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Gentle Tuesday

i follow up yesterday's Primal Scream videofest with a classic from their jangle pop roots. "Gentle Tuesday". lead singer Bobby Gillespie was the former drummer of the Jesus & Mary Chain, but actually formed Primal Scream in 1982. "Gentle Tuesday" perfectly shows off the heavy Byrds influence that the band was under in it's earliest form...this influence would later be replaced by the MC5, then the Rolling Stones & The Faces, then Funkadelic, and finally the mishmash of electronic and garage punk that the band is most famous for.

jesus christ, look at those fucking outfits. the Paisley Underground was def not getting anybody laid because of the fashion.

JAMC - A Retrospective

Pitchfork crawled out of their own ass long enough to publish a great article summarizing The Jesus and Mary Chain's career.

Todays Musical Obsession - The Apples In Stereo "7 Stars "

Monday, March 16, 2009

Yr about to know this once Def Jam picks it up

Atl's finest recent contribution to dancin' and partyin'.

New Music That Doesn't Suck: The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart

ah shit, Twee Pop is back motherfucker. you thought it died in the 90s...and you were wrong. maybe it's the success of Of Montreal or the fact that college kids are rediscovering the Paisley Underground or maybe the fact that now the we've got a Democrat back in the white house everyone's a little less angry. whatever the reasons, Twee-ish Beat Happening/Vaselines inspired indie rock bands seem to be all the rage. now i love the Vaselines as much as the next guy who grew up worshipping at the alter of all things Kurt Cobain approved, (ironically they have a song called Kurt Cobain's Cardigan) but the Twee sub-genre was never something i could ever embrace. i just owned too many metal and hardcore records to ever take it seriously. still i live and Athens and was in a band on a Twee-pop label (Kindercore) so i know enough about the music to know that kids love music for pussies and that it's coming back in a big fucking way. the Pains Of Being Pure at Heart are one of the few Nue-Twee bands that i've heard that sound completely out of time. you could drop them in Olympia circa 1991 or put them on the C86 comp for the NME in 1986 and you wouldn't be able to tell the difference. so as far as apers of a style these cats get A+'s. that fact that they also have managed to write some catchy fucking songs helps a lot.

if you like bands like The Faintest Ideas, The Black Tambourine, The Pastels, early J&MC, The Vaselines, Ride, or Beat Happening then the Pains Of Being Pure At Heart is for you. in fact this album makes me wanna go listen to that old K Records comp
International Hip Swing ...and that is enough to make me recommend this to anyone.

in fact if you don't own International Hip Swing then you should change that.

here's the video for my favorite song "Everything With You".

and here's the album for you to listen to.


someone gave me a copy of Primal Scream's newest record, Beautiful Future, a while ago but i've just gotten around to listening to it. i'll go ahead and say it's the best thing they've done since 2000's XTRMNTR. Primal Scream are by far one of my favorite British bands of the 1990s/2000s and it's criminal that they've never broken out in the US.

5 videos for your ass.





Supergrass - Caught by the Fuzz

Supergrass were a band of teenagers with the very English names of Gaz, Mick, and Danny, (Seriously, have you ever heard of an American named Gaz?) hailing from Oxford who released their debut single in 1994 during the height of the Britpop movement. It was a two and-a-half minute slice of Buzzcocks inspired punk that told the story of getting busted for drug posession.

Like most Britpop, it didn't make much of an impact in the U.S. since we were too busy rocking bands like Live and Toad the Wet Sprocket, but it charted at number 43 in the UK and John Peel named it number 5 in his annual Festive 50.

Someone once said that "This song is exactly what being a teenager sounds like", and I think that is about the best description you could give it. This song also appeared on their debut album "I Should Coco", which is a classic and well worth the time to explore.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

let's destroy the Capitalist Elite

topping the list of bands i thought were gonna be huge but then turned out to be totally wrong about would be the (International) Noise Conspiracy. i guess it's hard to sell American kids communist values through rock n roll...even if you wear some cool outfits.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Great Lost Punk Bands Of Yesteryear: The Screamers

the screamers are right next to the Germs in order of importance in the bands that came out of the late 70s LA Punk scene. just two keyboards and a drummer and one of the best front men in punk history and no guitars...how revolutionary. too bad they never recorded a studio album. good luck trying to get your hands on their hard to find demos and live recordings. i recommend the rereleased Target video for anyone who is interested.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Sun Ra Gettin' Freaky On Your Ass

if all Jazz was like this then i might actually give a fuck.

She's Just A Bitch With A Golden Chain

my favorite Sonic Youth song "Schizophrenia" from my favorite concert/tour movie 1991: The Year Punk Broke

Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Quick One While He's Away

from 1968's Rolling Stones' Rock N Roll Circus...so awesome that the Stones cut it from the movie because they got totally owned by The Who.

top 5 videos of people smashing their instruments

if you've ever been in a band or seen a band live that had a destructive streak then you are probably aware of how much fun it can be just watching someone recklessly destroy a piece of musical equipment. here are 5 videos on the youtube of people doing a good job of it.

Guitar Wolf Bassist vs. His Bass

...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead doing their thing

Nirvana with a full on sonic assault before going apeshit

The Who explaining the ART of Destruction

and then Spiritualized show us the fun that can be had if an orchestra were to smash their shit

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

guilty pleasures

Japanese greasers rule. too bad Peter Bjorn & John suck....actually i kind of dig this song. don't tell anyone.

The 50 Greatest Albums Of My Lifetime

this list is ever changing and ever evolving and will be edited and re-submitted 100 times more. as of now, this my top 50 of the last 30 years+

1. Nirvana- In Utero
2. Sonic Youth- Day Dream Nation
3. Pixies- Doolittle
4. Radiohead- OK Computer
5. The Replacements- Let It Be
6. Black Flag- Damaged
7. Guns N Roses- Appetite For Destruction
8. Gang of Four- Entertainment!
9. Joy Division- Unknown Pleasures
10. The Clash- London Calling
11. The Smiths- The Queen Is Dead
12. Nirvana- Nevermind
13. The Jesus And Mary Chain- Psychocandy
14. Beastie Boys- Paul's Boutique
15. Fugazi- Repeater
16. Neutral Milk Hotel- In The Aeroplane Over The Sea
17. My Bloody Valentine- Loveless
18. Radiohead- The Bends
19. N.W.A.- Straight Outta Compton
20. Sonic Youth- Sister
21. Elliott Smith- Either/Or
22. REM- Murmur
23. Slayer- Reign In Blood
24. Nation Of Ulysses- Plays Pretty For Baby
25. The Stone Roses- Stone Roses
26. Michael Jackson- Thriller
27. Pavement- Slanted and Enchanted
28. Refused- The Shape Of Punk To Come
29. Belle and Sebastian- If You're Feeling Sinister
30. Joy Division- Closer
31. The Strokes- Is This It?
32. Husker Du- Zen Arcade
33. The Cure- Pornography
34. Public Enemy- It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back
35. The Pixies- Surfer Rosa
36. Minutemen- Double Nickles On the Dime
37. U2- Joshua Tree
38. Radiohead- Kid A
39. Public Image Ltd.- Second Edition
40. White Stripes- White Blood Cells
41. Wu-Tang Clan- Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)
42. Prince- Purple Rain
43. My Bloody Valentine- Isn't Anything
44. Mission Of Burma- Signals, Calls, & Marches
45. Talking Heads- Remain In Light
46. Dr. Dre- The Chronic
47. The Flaming Lips- The Soft Bulletin
48. Spoon- Kill The Moonlight
49. Spacemen 3- the Perfect Prescription
50. Dinosaur Jr.- You're Living All Over Me

Turf War

We Are Born With A Chance

a perfect way to start the day. Black Flag.

Friday, March 6, 2009

The Dumbest Rap Song Ever?

that's really a tough call. there are just way too many worthy canidates. i mean "My President Is Black, My Lambo's Blue" that's the way you felt you wanted to express the joy of America electing it's first ever African American president? i'd sort of expect something like this from a rapper like Young Jeezy, but Nas should be ashamed of himself. honestly though i fucking love this because it's so hilarious how serious they are taking themselves with such a retarded song. Chuck D needs to show em what's up.

i hope this is Obama's ringtone. it would be mine.

the lyrics

Yeah Be The Realest Shit I Never Wrote
I Aint Write This Shit By The Way Nigga
Some Real Shit Right Here Nigga
This Will Be The Realest Shit You Ever Quote
Lets Go!

My President Is Black, My Lambo's Blue
And I Be God Damn If My Rims Aint Too
My Momma Aint At Home & Daddy Still In Jail
Tryna Make A Plate Anybody Seen The Scale
Lets Go!

My President Is Black, My Lambo's Blue
And I Be God Damn If My Rims Aint Too
My Money's Light Green And My Jordans Light Grey
And They Love To See White Now How Much You Tryna Pay
Lets Go!

{Verse 1}

Today Was A Good Day Hope I Have Me A Great Night
I Dunno What You Fishin For Hope You Catch You A Great White
Me I See Great White Heavy As Killer Whales
I Cannot Believe This Who Knew It Came In Bails
Who Knew It Came With Jail Who Knew It Came With Prison
Jus Cuz You Got An Opinion Does That Make You A Politician
Bush Robbed All Of Us Would That Make Him A Criminal
& Den He Cheated In Florida Would Dat Make Him a Seminal
I Say And I Quote "We Need A Miracle"
And I Say A Miracle Cuz This Shit Is Histerical
By My Nephews And Nieces I Will Email Jesus
Tell Him Forward To Moses And CC Allah
Mr. Soul Survivor Does That Make Me A Konvict
Be All U Can Be Now Dont Dat Sound Like Some Dumb Shit
When You Die Over Crude Oil As Black As My Nigga Boo
It's Really A Desert Storm Thats Word To My Nigga Clue
Catch Me In Las Vegas, A.R. Arizona
Rep For Them Real Niggaz Im Winnin In California
Winnin In Tennessee Hands Down Atlanta
Landslide Alabama On My Way To Sevana

My President Is Black, My Lambo's Blue
And I Be God Damn If My Rims Aint Too
My Momma Aint At Home & Daddy Still In Jail
Tryna Make A Plate Anybody Seen The Scale
Lets Go!

My President Is Black, My Lambo's Blue
And I Be God Damn If My Rims Aint Too
My Money's Light Green And My Jordans Light Grey
And They Love To See White Now How Much You Tryna Pay

{Verse 2}

I Said I Woke Up This Morning Headache THIS BIG!
Pay All These Damn Bills Feed All These Damn Kids
Buy All These School Shoes Buy All These School Clothes
For Some Strange Reason My Son Addicted To Polos
Love Me Some Spinach Dip Im Addicted To Houston's
And If The Numbers Is Right I Take A Trip Out To Houston
A Earthquake Out In China A Hurricane In New Orleans
Street Dreams Tour I Showed My Ass In New Orleans
Did It For Soulja Slim Brought Out B.G.
Its All Love Bun, I'm Forgiving You Pimp C
You Know How The Pimp Be
That Nigga Go'n Speak His Mind
If He Could Speak Down From Heaven
He Tell Me Stay On My Grind
Tell Him Im Doin Fine Obama For Mankind
We Ready For Damn Change So Ya'll Let The Man Shine
Stuntin On Martin Luther Feelin Just Like A King
Guess Dis Is What He Meant When He Said Dat He Had A Dream

My President Is Black, My Lambo's Blue
And I Be God Damn If My Rims Aint Too
My Momma Aint At Home & Daddy Still In Jail
Tryna Make A Plate Anybody Seen The Scale
Lets Go!

My President Is Black, My Lambo's Blue
And I Be God Damn If My Rims Aint Too
My Money's Light Green And My Jordans Light Grey
And They Love To See White Now How Much You Tryna Pay


History, Black History
No President Ever Did Shit For Me
Had To Hit The Streets Try To Flip Some Keys
So A Nigga Wont Go Broke
Then They Put Us In Jail Now A Nigga Cant Go Vote
So I Spend Dough All These Hoes Is Trippin
She Aint A Politician Honeys A Polotician
My President Is Black Rolls Golden Charms
22 Inch Rims Like Hulk Hogans Arms
When Thousands Of People Is Riled Up To See You
That Can Arouse Ya Ego You Got Mouths To Feed So
Gotta Stay True To Who You Are And Where You Came From
Cuz At The Top Will Be The Same Place You Hang From
No Matter How Big You Can Ever Be
For Whatever Fee Or Publicity Never Lose Your Integrity
For Years Theres Been Surprise Horses In This Stable
Just Two Albums In I'm The Realest Nigga On This Label
Mr Black President Yeah Obama Fa Real
They Gotta Put Ya Face On The $5000 Dollar Bill

My President Is Black, My Lambo's Blue
And I Be God Damn If My Rims Aint Too
My Momma Aint At Home & Daddy Still In Jail
Tryna Make A Plate Anybody Seen The Scale
Lets Go!

My President Is Black, My Lambo's Blue
And I Be God Damn If My Rims Aint Too
My Money's Light Green And My Jordans Light Grey
And They Love To See White Now How Much You Tryna Pay


So Im Sittin Here Right Now Man
(How Much You Tryna Pay)
Its June 3rd Haha 2:08 Am
Nigga I Wont Say Win, Lose Or Draw
Man We Congratulate You Already Homie
See I Motivate The Thugs Right
You Motivate Us Homie
Thats What It Is, This A Hands On Policy
Ya'll Touch Him We Ride
Yeah 1st Black President
Win, Lose Or Draw Nigga Haha
Matta Fact You Know What It Is Man
Shouts Out Jackie Robinson
Booker T Washington Homie
Oh Y'all Aint Think I Knew That Shit!
Sydney Portea What Dey Do
My President Is Black
I'm Important Too Though!
Lambos Blue
I'm Was The First Nigga To Ride Through My Hood In A Lamborghini Yeah Haha