Monday, March 16, 2009

New Music That Doesn't Suck: The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart

ah shit, Twee Pop is back motherfucker. you thought it died in the 90s...and you were wrong. maybe it's the success of Of Montreal or the fact that college kids are rediscovering the Paisley Underground or maybe the fact that now the we've got a Democrat back in the white house everyone's a little less angry. whatever the reasons, Twee-ish Beat Happening/Vaselines inspired indie rock bands seem to be all the rage. now i love the Vaselines as much as the next guy who grew up worshipping at the alter of all things Kurt Cobain approved, (ironically they have a song called Kurt Cobain's Cardigan) but the Twee sub-genre was never something i could ever embrace. i just owned too many metal and hardcore records to ever take it seriously. still i live and Athens and was in a band on a Twee-pop label (Kindercore) so i know enough about the music to know that kids love music for pussies and that it's coming back in a big fucking way. the Pains Of Being Pure at Heart are one of the few Nue-Twee bands that i've heard that sound completely out of time. you could drop them in Olympia circa 1991 or put them on the C86 comp for the NME in 1986 and you wouldn't be able to tell the difference. so as far as apers of a style these cats get A+'s. that fact that they also have managed to write some catchy fucking songs helps a lot.

if you like bands like The Faintest Ideas, The Black Tambourine, The Pastels, early J&MC, The Vaselines, Ride, or Beat Happening then the Pains Of Being Pure At Heart is for you. in fact this album makes me wanna go listen to that old K Records comp
International Hip Swing ...and that is enough to make me recommend this to anyone.

in fact if you don't own International Hip Swing then you should change that.

here's the video for my favorite song "Everything With You".

and here's the album for you to listen to.

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