Saturday, May 21, 2011

just for you, here's a love song

The Wipers- Telepathic Love
The Apartments- Help
The Saints- Simple Love
The Ramones- I Need Your Love
The Spongetones- She Goes Out With Everybody
The Replacements- Temptation Eyes
The Clash- 1, 2, Crush On You
The Buzzcocks- You Say You Don’t Love Me
Radio Birdman- Love Kills
The Scientists- Shake Together Tonite
Teenage Head- Picture My Face
The Damned- Love Song
The Dead Boys- Tell Me
The Keggs- Girl
The Shangri Las- You Cheated, You Lied
The Nerves- Gimme Some Time
Buddy Holly- Dearest
Redd Kross- Heaven Only Knows
The Boys Next Door- These Boots Were Made For Walking (live)
The Sex Pistols- Lonely Boy
Richard Hell & The Voidoids- I Can Only Give You Everything
The Milkshakes- Love Can Lose
Roky Erickson- Clear Night For Love

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