Friday, July 10, 2009

Some 80s Indie Pop for your Friday Afternoon

this compilation CD of late 80s British jangle rockers Another Sunny Day is a mostly unknown and unloved little slice of indiepop brilliance. similar to most of the C86 bands of the UK indie scene during that time...Byrds influenced guitar, lo-fi recordings, and naive/punk influenced lyrics about love, loss, and murder. if you are caught up in this whole twee-pop revival (aka Pains Of Being Pure At Heart) then you might as well go back and enjoy some of the original inspiration.

opener "Anorak City" is awesome (and was oddly enough covered by Post-Hardcore band Fucked Up) and the Smiths influenced "You Should All Be Murdered" is a personal favorite. BEWARE: THIS SHIT IS TWEE AS A MOTHERFUCKER.

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