Tuesday, July 21, 2009

punk rock love for the broken hearts

1. The Saints- a miror aversion
2. The Apartments- help
3. The Buzzcocks- love is lies
4. Johnny Thunders- its not enough
5. The Stranglers- strange little girl
6. Wire- feeling called love
7. Iggy Pop- fall in love with me
8. Simply Saucer- bullet proof nothing
9. The Zeros- she's just a girl on the block
10. The Gun Club- fire of love
11. Ramones- I wanna be your boyfriend
12. Modern Lovers- someone I care about
13. The Neon Boys- love comes in spurts
14. The Nerves- gimme some time
15. X- when our love passed out on the couch
16. Misfits- come back
17. The Wipers- the lonely one
18. Alex Chilton- can't seem to make you mine
19. Suicide- girl
20. The Boys Next Door- shivers

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