Saturday, July 4, 2009

Springsteen's Early Years

the first three albums by the Boss are pure rock n roll swagger. tell me "Growin' Up" isn't the best fucking song of all time. here's a clip of him doin' the song solo at Max's Kansas City in 1972.

the first 3 albums...before he became BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN/ THE BOSS.


  1. agreed, 100%. saw him in atlanta in april. i wish i was born 20 years earlier so i could have seen this springsteen you speak of. can't find any of the gun club for free on the interwebs. that's sad.


    -found you from the joe cribs carwash. nice work you're doing here.

  2. if you join you can listen to that Gun Club record for free. as far as downloading it...i say just shill out the 9.99 on Itunes for the album Fire Of Love. totally worth it.