Friday, July 17, 2009



Holy shit, these dudes are the best pizza band that have ever existed on this earth. Formed by Personal (aka Drew former bass player from Still Flyin, The Mantles, and The Mosquitos) and based out of the San Fran Bay Area - these dudes are blazing a trail through the US Garage scene. Think a sleezy sweaty version of the Stooges and the Ramones covered in RONI and some thick red sauce. Almost every song is about pizza and all are completely fucking mind blowing. Got to know Drew and the gang through Still Flyin but didnt realize how serious this shit was until March when we were in SXSW and Personal and The Pizzas played a myspace announced show at a record store in Austin one of the nights. The band before them finished playing in front of 20 people. When the pizzas started the fucking place was packed to the fucking gills and all these kids were slammin and handing pies around. It was a site to behold. That was a true mind blow.

They headline the Earl this coming Monday. Follow the link above to their myspace page and jam some of the ZA TUNES. Highly reccomend - Pizza Army & I Dont Wanna Be No Personal Pizza and they have a new 7" out - Brass Knuckles.

Fucking amazing shit.

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