Monday, May 20, 2013

Ain't No Cure For The Rock N' Roll Psychosis

Ain't No Cure For The Rock & Roll Psychosis 
  1. Crime- Frustration
  2. The Cramps- Sunglasses After Dark
  3. The Milkshakes- Pretty Baby
  4. The Gories- Telepathic
  5. The Mummies- A Girl Like You
  6. The Spaceshits- Turn Off The Radio
  7. The Boyfriends- I Don't Want Nobody
  8. The Ramones- Unhappy Girl
  9. The Scientists- Bet Ya' Lyin'
  10. The Spits- Tonight
  11. The Reatards- I'm Gonna Break Down
  12. The Carbonas- Don't Know Why
  13. Terry Malts- I Do
  14. Thee Marvin Gays- Gotta Go
  15. Ty Segall- Love Fuzz
  16. Dead Ghosts- Roky Said
  17. Zig Zags- Scavenger
  18. King Tuff- Bad Thing
  19. Exploding Hearts- Shattered (You Left Me)
  20. Turf War- Born To Run Free
  21. Black Lips- Not A Problem
  22. Dwarves- Love Gestapo
  23. The Sleaze- Too Close To Home
  24. Teengenerate- She's A Dumb
  25. Oblivians- I'll Be Gone
  26. Dead Moon- Over The Edge
  27. Roky Erickson- Don't Slander Me
  28. The Saints- Security
  29. The Heartbreakers- I Wanna Be Loved
  30. Dead Boys- Down In Flames

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