Monday, November 16, 2009

If My Blog Was A Movie It Would Be A Teen Melodrama

i like to pretend that my tumblr is a teen melodrama set sometime in the late 80s or early 90s in some boring suburban town. it’s kinda like a mix between the existential ramblings of Dazed and Confused and the dumb party scenes of Can’t Hardly Wait with maybe some class warfare stolen from the Outsiders for good know something that wouldn’t do well in the theater but would get a nice cult following on DVD.

there’d be a smart ass angsty kid who would be the hero, and a hot chick with the face of Rachel Leigh Cook and the ass of Blake Lively that our hero pines for, and his friends would be a nerdy sci-fi/horror loving guy, a punk rock dude, and a smart awkward chick who we all know he’s gonna end up with in the end.

and it would have a killer soundtrack

Sonic Youth- schizophrenia
The Verlaines- pyromaniac
The Undertones- teenage kicks
The Replacements- sixteen blue
The Strokes- barely legal
The Nerves- when you find out
The Beach Boys- girl don’t tell me
The Lemonheads- if i could talk i’d tell you
The Clean- i wait around
Teenage Fanclub- star sign
Lilys- will my lord be gardening
Shocking Pinks- emily
The Jesus & Mary Chain- happy when it rains
Velvet Underground- there she goes again
The Seeds- can’t seem to make you mine
Buzzcocks- love is lies
Thin Lizzy- romeo and the lonely girl
Neil Young- everybody knows this is nowhere
Tall Dwarfs- baby it’s over
Husker Du- i apologize
Turf War- cheers to the years
Johnny Thunders- you can’t put your arms around a memory

for your downloading pleasure a link.

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