Wednesday, September 15, 2010

There Goes My Baby

1.The Dixie Cups- no true love
2.The Walkmen- woe is me
3.Pere Ubu- heaven
4.Link Wray- girl from the north country
5.T. Rex- is this love?
6.The Brian Jonestown Massacre- this is why you love me
7.Jonathan Richman- vampire girl
8.The Beach Boys- then i kissed her
9.Black Tambourine- lazy heart
10.Crocodiles- groove is in the heart/california girls
11.Orange Juice- falling and laughing
12.Television Personalities- silly girl
13.The Flamates- you’re gonna cry
14.Unrest- so sick
15.The Stone Roses- the hardest thing in the world
16.Skywave- baby it’s just you
17.Justin Trouble- sadness, stay away
18.The Zeroes- she’s just a girl on the block
19.The Gun Club- your man’s feelin’ low
20.The 13th Floor Elevators- may the circle remain unbroken
21.The Shangri Las- dressed in black
22.The Black Heart Procession- release my heart
23.Roxy Music- pyjamarama
24.Suicide- dream baby dream

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  1. dunno how much encouragement you get, but i love your mixes! keep em coming

  2. want you to know how much I appreciate all the downloads
    stop by sometime, it's weird but you might like this:
    (not spam, the art school dropouts mix hooked me and I've been stopping by ever since :D)