Thursday, February 24, 2011

i'm just a killer for your love

01. michael polnareff- time will tell
02. shop assistants- safety net
03. another sunny day- anorak city
04. the go betweens- lee remick
05. television personalities- look back in anger
06. the primitives- stop killing me
07. razorcuts- sorry to embarrass you
08. ride- like a daydream
09. catharine wheel- i want to touch you
10. swervedriver- never lose that feeling
11. stereolab- the light will cease to fail
12. the clean- point that thing somewhere else
13. blank dogs- northern islands
14. the boo radleys- lazy days
15. mccarthy- keep me in mind, or else
16. orange juice- simply thrilled honey
17. wire- kidney bingos
18. the faintest ideas- you’re beautiful
19. my bloody valentine- paint a rainbow
20. primal scream- gentle tuesday
21. the zombies- leave me be
22. marine girls- in love
23. the magnetic fields- when my boy walks down the street
24. close lobsters- just too bloody stupid
25. black tambourine- lazy heart
26. the jesus and mary chain- happy when it rains (demo)
27. the clientele- i want you more than ever
28. the velvet underground- guess i’m falling in love (live)
29. skywave- got that feeling
30. crocodiles- nothing to be done (pastels cover)


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