Friday, March 2, 2012

I got the Deathrock, Post-Punk, Goth Blues

Dead In The Head (goth, deathrock, post-punk mix)
  1. Joy Division- Exercise One
  2. The Birthday Party- Junkyard
  3. Siouxsie & The Banshees- Monitor
  4. The Cure- Secrets
  5. The Sound- Skeletons
  6. The Chameleons- The Fan and the Bellows
  7. Echo & The Bunnymen- Crocodiles
  8. The Wake- Favour
  9. The Lines- Dance for a Drop of Blood
  10. 1919- Caged
  11. Bauhaus- The Sanity Assassin
  12. Killing Joke- Follow the Leaders
  13. The Sisters Of Mercy- Alice
  14. Lords Of the New Church- Open Your Eyes
  15. Death Cult- Gods Zoo
  16. Ministry- Work For Love
  17. This Mortal Coil- Not Me
  18. Zounds- Demystification
  19. Twisted Nerve- Seance
  20. The Mission- Deliverance
  21. Death In June- Nothing Changes
  22. Ausgang- King Hell
  23. These Immortal Souls- Shamed
  24. Inca Babies- Burning Town
  25. The Gun Club- Death Party
  26. The Damned- Wait For the Blackout
  27. Christian Death- Spiritual Cramp
  28. 45 Grave- Black Cross
  29. My Bloody Valentine- The Love Gang
  30. Love & Rockets- Motorcycle
  31. The Jesus and Mary Chain- Everything's Alright When You're Down
  32. Rowland S. Howard- Sleep Alone

1 comment:

  1. In the tracklist,I love most of the bands and be hurry to discover the others !
    Thank you from France !